Technical test thread 2011-forever

I thought I might bump up this thread which goes back to 2011 (it's been bumped before) and was started by the wonderful Tiger

It contains all sorts of useful info on technical problems, handy hints for inserting photos and links and, latterly, the fact that we seem to get 'notifications' that we can't get rid of (I'm up to 6).

If nothing else, another trip down memory lane.

  • Well then, I must remember not up  update my program ! Or  windows !!!!!

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  • Hi Scylla, by setting an imaging window I meant that I could highlight the area (a nest cam) I wished to capture.  Once set, there was a thick rectangle border around the capture area with function buttons along the top ie - camera button, record also pause button and some others.   I could move that window around which was great as I usually had a couple of webcams so able to choose which one I wished to capture/record (video) the nest.

    I took stills and recorded all my videos of the nest using Greenshot.   I could record(video) up to 10 minutes using the free version for anything longer I would need to upgrade/purchase.   

    It would appear there is no recording function now so I really am at a loss xx

  • You wouldn't by any chance be talking about BANDICAM, would you?


    I think you must be.  I am recording the StarrRanch cavity cam at the mo but it's on a big faulty laptop too cumbersome to deal with at the mo.  So, as I've got a 3-PC licence, I'll install it on here and then we can can communicate looking at the same thing.

    Mind you, I've always found Bandicam rather 'difficult' to set up, but once it's done it's done.

  • Oh my goodness - can you feel the heat >> I am so embarrassed and blushing here.

    Bandicam, yes that is it.  I'm looking at the wrong app.   

    What a numpty - I'm blaming my brain fog seeing this stupid site - but I'm so relieved.  

    I feel a bit more stable and enthusiastic about monitoring Manton Bay now  Joy 

    Thank you SCYLLA, what would I ever do without you    Hugging 

  • Well I was feeling very down in the dumps but you suddenly gave me a task and I felt motivated Rofl

    Plus, I've installed it on here and it was no trouble, and it's working properly, sound and vision!  Last time I installed it on lap laptop it froze the whole thing up so I had to uninstall it.

    So we're both happy now x

  • So pleased I've made your day Laughing

    I've just uninstalled the offending app so this wont happen again !!

    I am delighted to report Bandicam is working perfectly and that the name is now stored safely within my pea-brain forever Relieved

    So with that seen to, I'm going to try and make some sense of this upgrade  xx

  • I must disagree on that point Wendy, my unread post counter is back to zero, rather than 13 ( none of which I could ever find ) so something has improved Laughing

  • About the only thing that has Richard! Tired faceRolling eyes

  • Ah,    I haven't been able to reply on the Critter thread to anyone ! I've come over here in despair and lo, clicking on REPLY does actually open a box for me to type in. Heavy sigh . So KORKY this is for you. I'm  (wot is that  all about  ! the purple ?)   anyway I'm not posting  cos the thread won't let me