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    Geemeff said:
    I'm part of the Flight of the Osprey team

    How exciting!  The last I heard (many months ago) Sacha had been injured, so it's good to see that she's back in action.

    Geemeff said:
    My job as media volunteer is to source exciting nest cam footage

    Maybe you could post in Osprey Chat re any support you would need/like in that department?

    I hope to be conscious and free to join in the event on 09 May  

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    Thank you for the info re Sacha Dench and the upcoming FOTO briefing, Geemeff, it sounds intriguing!

    You're welcome, I hope you've found some really good footage that you can use 

    Thank you for your support, Sandra and Scylla. There's no lack of exciting footage - making a choice is going to be the difficult bit. Sacha is recovering from that dreadful accident and fully involved in the pre-flight planning.

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    Sandra P said:
    At 17:52ish, NC0 was alarmed and gave human intruder calls as she shot off the nest! Quick footsteps could be heard just before and after she left the nest. There were 'splashing' sounds in the water once the footsteps had stopped.

    I used a different transition pattern to make it obvious when some was cut out, it's a bit startling ;)