Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 January 2022

  • Some lovely pics LINDY, thank you.

    HEATHER That is a lot more than I pay for a haircut. I do go to a salon in Culloden. As LINDY says, you may pay more as she comes to your house but it should then balance out with you doing the preparations.

    My friend has decided she will not be having a car adapted for her own use and has sold her personal number plate for £5000!!!! It does have a 1 in it which my OH tells me really bumps up the price.
  • dinblib:  Good grief!   How on earth can a personalized plate cost that much!  I know you can't share, but is it something really really special?

    Just now got Xmas cards from UK niece.  She mailed them the end of November, they were postmarked December 17 and it's now January 19. A whole month to fly (I assume they came by plane but who knows!)

  • Shocking, Annette. Its a long way but that's astounding.

    Car number plates can cost a phenomenal amount to buy, if they're special. Some of them cost more than the car they're on. All a bit crazy, really.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird - those sunset pics are amazing, such a blaze of colour.

    Heather - Yes, I wish it had been a bit earlier but there have been so many deaths in the area and I suppose its also what Funeral Director you choose and whether they are very busy, also fitting in with the Crematorium and when they could fit us in. Unfortunately it takes time but at least we have the date now, Funeral Notice is on line with FD's and Service is all planned. Once we have said our final farewells then I can get down to carrying on with life and we have our memories to help us through.

    Oh Heather, that £40 does seem excessive. I pay £12 for a cut at a local salon and wash my own hair. Mind you I keep it quite short and go about every 6/8 weeks.


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  • Thanks for all your news, love reading what you've been up to. Fairly quiet down here.


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  • LINDA – Beautiful sunrise pics.

    Too hot to think, 35 C, same tomorrow.

  • Just a thought

    You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just to take the first step. (Martin Luther King, Jnr)

  • Here we go again, AQ - at this time of year, such a contrast in temperatures. Awoke to a frozen world here and its hard to imagine how hot the temps are there, now. Much debate here as fuel prices are set to rise steeply, and if people have to decide whether to "eat or heat" there will undoubtedly be some sad stories soon.

    I see that our No 2 Heather Watson is now out of the Australian Open Tennis. More pressure on our remaining players to do well.

    I hope that Diane and OG are coping, and my thoughts are with Lynette.
  • It's 11.00am here, and has just reached 1 degree. The sun is shining, though, and the garden birds very excited when I went out with their goodies.

    The sun as it rose over the far fields this morning:

  • I spoke too soon - Andy Murray is out! (Sorry if you didn't know)