Poole Harbour Ospreys 2022

  • I thought CJ7 was turning the eggs but then it looked more like she was eating
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    Alison Copland said:
    And a brilliant article by Roy and Tim about our illustrious couple!

    What a great article! Thought I'd post this great photo from the article of CJ7's great grandfather, the amazing 03(97)

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    05 May

    One Greenfinch chased off another - both birds were only seen together for 2 frames and this was the less bad view:

    06 May

    Morning changeover 05:00:


  • Always want to have cake and eat it as far as osprey nests go It is unbelievably exciting that ospreys are even breeding at Poole BUT I wish we could see more into the nest Osplets are going to be quite big before we see any sign
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    10 May

    Half an hour chilling on the nest:

    I'm discontinuing CJ7 & 022 for a while - due to intolerable pressure of (1) too many cams, and (2) several of them going haywire and pouring down in fragments, and (3) PH #2 being one that we can't see much on anyway.


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    The original nest. The Raven flies in, this time with a KitKat. 1957 and 45 secs.

    Richard B

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    Where are these guys getting their biscuits from? All my favourites
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    It's not too far to civilisation from the nest.

    Richard B

  • Don't know if this will work as not done this before...