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    LYNETTE Glad things are better for you.

    I have a dental appt this morning. They will remove a crown to see what the problem is and may well need root canal treatment. doom.
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    Annette in SoCal said:
    Daughter came down with Covid last week

    So sorry to hear this, Annette - keeping everything crossed for a good outcome.  I bet Ms D is delighted to have you there!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • LYNETTE - I'm glad that you are feeling better but watch those jumpy nerves. Vouchers are a good way to go. I never buy gifts for the young ones before checking with the parents. Been there, done that and it was a bad mistake and a waste of money !
    LINDY - It's surely time that you had some sort of diagnosis ? Thinking of you x
    OG - yes, sil is back home until just after Christmas. Did you three settle on a garden plan?

    Quiet here except for a couple of nights when the rescue/police helicopter was hovering just above the canal. Its quite near me as the crow flies and I watched it for a while. It hovered for ages, was all lit up. Too near for comfort, I've had a recurring dream for years about a plane crashing into the house. Wonder what Freud would have to say about that....
  • Dibnlib: Hope things go well at the dentists. Not fun.

    Heather - still waiting for some results. Plus, my doc wants me to be on the iron tablets for at least 5 - 6 weeks to see their effect. I do feel better in myself a little, lately, and am now walking better on my weak knees.

    Clare - Slade!! -- YAY!!!!
  • Had garden man to measure this morning, discuss our outlines, suggest alternatives etc. Gone to draw pictures and outline a quotation – will discuss maintenance plan later.

    Had email reply from Dau#1, still struggling with her legs and hips. GD#2 has given up on midwifery and is looking to work in school(s) similar to her current temp job in their school. GD#1 has found a house she might buy – apparently with someone else – could be her previous housemate or another friend, wasn’t clear who Dau meant when referring to “they”.

    ANNETTE – so sorry that your daughter is bad with Covid – was she vaccinated at all? Sounds like family are all heavily involved looking after menagerie and GGD – hope all goes well soon.

    LINDA – glad you were well enough to extend hairdresser visit to other messages, and then to do garden centre too. Glad the knees are not so bad. Liked the optimist/pessimist cartoon!

    LYNETTE – very sensible of you to buy instead of bake this year – we too have cut down on homemade, and even buying less than before. I hope you will continue in better health.

    AQ – a great quote – had a good laugh at that one.

    DIBNLIB – hope the dentist was not as bad as you feared.

    HEATHER – you will see above where we are with the garden – still open to discussion and actual decision. Understand about the helicopter – I have been worse about planes since Lockerbie and also the fact that they can now fly over the old nuclear power site - felt protected when it was a no-fly zone.

    Physio phoned this morning to ask how I am – was proud to tell him that I am walking more, and he will come and see me after Christmas. The phone call helped as it was good to have someone keep a promise!
  • Morning all:  Things look to be improving with daughter; they will now try to wean her little by little off the oxygen to see if she can maintain good blood levels; she's hasn't had to use the BiPAP machine for the last 48 hours.  Thanks all for good wishes!   One nice thing was that Ms. D and I went to the feed store yesterday to get supplements for the horses. The guy there knows daughter and we made a video of him waving Hi to her and telling her she was included in his family's prayers.  Then the other night, grandson 'walked' her around outside this house while on Facetime so she could see the fabulous sunset.  These little things really perk her up.  Today we'll do the same so she can see how clean we're keeping the horses corrals.  Oh my, the paths we walk with our children.....

    Clare:  Yes, Ms. D was happy to see me but now that this isn't just a fun visit, she's realizing that I can be quite strict when it comes to hanging up clothes, doing chores without procrastinating or acting like she didn't hear me, not interrupting, etc. etc.  Still, she's a well behaved kid so no problems.  She's doing online learning and we're keeping up with the schoolwork.  She's due to go back to school on Monday.  We both got tested 'just in case,' mine was negative and we're still waiting for her results so both wearing masks around the house for now.    Frankly, I'm horrified at the number of people in this state that still don't seem to take it seriously.....

    OG: No, daughter has history of various issues and was reluctant to get the shot based on something her neurologist said.  I'm not sure if that's really the case or if there was a misunderstanding. Regardless, It's not something I'm bringing up at this point because being upset after the fact doesn't help.   Then again, she's in Arizona where there seems to be a high level of cluelessness/arrogance on the topic....  

    I've read everyone's posts but hope you'll forgive me for not responding.... Take care all.

  • ANNETTE - thanks for the update - sounds like better news. I had wondered whether your Dau would be able to be vaccinated, with having underlying conditions, so not surprised at the advice she was given. Videos from home sound like a useful tool so that she feels included in the family. Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving? Difficult to wish you a happy one, but at least it is different from usual!
  • I had a sudden message an hour ago, from my niece in S. Africa, to tell me that my brother died a week ago. He had lymphoma and after initial success with chemo, was found to have poor kidney function and so when taken into hospital with renal failure, he became poorly very quickly and his daughters were called in to say goodbye to him. They have a policy of only one visitor at a time there due to the pandemic. He died soon after. They say they've been searching for my phone number since but could only find my email address. I expect they are in shock as they lost their mother only a few months ago.
  • LINDY - I'm sorry to read that. Can't find the right words but just sending condolences x

  • Lindybird:  Oh dear. So so very sorry to hear about your bro   What a shock..... A;nd yes, awful for the girls who only recently lost their Mom.  I seem to remember that you weren't that close, but still.....  Huge hugs from here.

    OG:  RIght now I'm suffering through (for Ms D's sake!) the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from New York. Incredibly noisy and full of phony hyped-up hosts.  Arghhhh.  I may be forced to go clean corrals!