Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 3 October 2021

  • Good Morning. Sad to hear about the oil spill, Diane.

    A pretty pink streaked sky here this morning, and the air definitely feels autumnal now.

    AQ - Well done on encouraging little Miss on her mineralogy. Even if she doesn't go down the scientific route, an interest like that can stay for life. She sounds like a lively young lady with many interests.
  • Thanks for messages re my SiL
  • DIBNLIB – So sorry you have lost your SiL and friend.

    OG – No, not a bad cold on top of all your other problems. Get well soon.

    Showery day for Labour Day holiday. Extra wash hanging in garage. Another shower allowed me only 5 mins weeding. More paper flinging – found a few recipes to try.

  • ANNETTE – You wrote “National Public Radio had a story yesterday about Oz easing the Covid travel restrictions. They interviewed one lady who'd been stuck abroad for the entire time(!!!) and became teary when she said she was most looking forward to seeing her Mum again. I didn't realize some of your kinfolk were unable to return home.  Is that so?”

     Aussieland closed its borders last year to keep us safe. In Sept 2020 about 29,000 Aussie residents were listed as wanting to return. By the end of the year 65,000 had returned but by then some 35,000 on the list. Some people could not return at first as they had to complete a contract or not get paid. Some hoped covid would pass.

    All returning have to hotel quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival & there are limited spaces in suitable hotels (ventilation, medi-staff, security are needed & close access to major hospital if serious positive.) So returning numbers were restricted. At one time only 3,500 allowed in per week across Aust. And still more residents were adding to the wanting list. Planes had to restrict numbers (social distancing), some planes only carried 150-200 passengers. Of course airlines were charging business class prices. Many people/families cannot afford to return.

    Lots of sad stories. Many Aussies of Indian heritage send their little ones back to grandparents for a month each year. Now they are stranded. G-parents cannot come in; parents cannot collect children; children cannot travel unaccompanied. (A few generous strangers have “adopted” a child for the journey; rather risky methinks.)

    All this will shortly change. As we reach 70% fully jabbed, restrictions will ease, by 80% maybe overseas travel permitted. At first only for those double jabbed. Of course Aussies only, tourists will have to wait.

  • Just a thought

    It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. (Amelia Barr)

  • Cold decreasing but still miserably sneezing from time to time. Been very good this morning – made blood test appt and home visit optician appt (NHS due to lack of mobility). Also emailed “useful logos etc” to new mag editor. J is just back from town on foot – I think he was inside having a sneaky breakfast when there was a very heavy rain shower – very varied so far today, including rainbows.

    DIBNLIB – sorry you had another death in the family, especially losing a friend and mother of your nieces.

    OH is busy making “Toad in the Hole” for lunch – one of our favourites which we all three like.
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

     I think it is interesting we are suffering from seasonal colds and allergies this year, after not hearing much about them during the pandemic. I hope you all who are suffering take care, drink water, and get better quick. In that light, crumble sounds like a perfect antidote!

    And thanks for letting me know when I need to turn clocks back, Annette. If it were not for all of you I would be blissfully an hour late for everything until spring.

    Annette in SoCal said:
    I detect more than a little giddiness on the subject of time change. I think it's easier in the States because we say Fall rather than Autumn, so 'Fall Back' is more intuitive.  Our clocks go back November 7.

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  • In reply to dibnlib:

    dibnlib: So sorry to hear news of your SiL, it seems so young an age. Though I remember a time I thought it ancient.

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  • Morning all:

    AQ;  Gosh that's so sad that so many people have been separated for so long, especially the kiddies.

    CC:  Actually it's the night of the 6th that 'they' remind us to put our clocks back. Here in California we voted to do away with time change but apparently 'they' have to sort things out with regard to that and I think Covid put everything on the back burner.

  • Sorry I'm not very communicative - family issues take over and then I lose enthusiasm for chatting !
    I'm OK though....
    Regards to all.