Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 September 2021

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    Dibnlib - saw Countdown last week, Pam was good with her poems.

    OH sees the diabetic nurse tomorrow so hoping she will guide him onto the right path and come to some sort of conclusion as to why he's so tired and just wants to doze off during the day. Its worrying but if you say something to hom he almost bites your head off, quite irritable, so I have learned to try not to say too much and just hope he opens up tomorrow.. We'll have to wait and see.

    Weather is somewhat mixed but mostly cloudy with the sun breaking through at times,.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • CLARE & LIMPY – Wishing you a safe & enjoyable trip. I’m looking forward to your photos.

    OG – I hope your unwellness is brief and you don’t miss your garden centre outing.

    HEATHER – Some people should not be allowed to have dogs.

    I came home from long drives to Daus on Sunday with stiff & sore shoulder/neck. Last night I slept upright on lounge as I could not get comfortable in bed. It is slightly better now and I shall be careful today. Old age <sigh>

  • I’m in no shape to exercise.


    I'm at an age when my back goes out more than I do. (Phyllis Diller)


    You spend the first half of your life trying to be old enough to do the things you want. You spend the second half trying to stay young enough to do them.

  • AQ - I hope the pain continues to ease off..
    Son in law's quarantine continues to go well. He has enjoyed most of the food but is not a huge fish fan, decided he doesn't like barramundi so orders from the room service menu if it is on the fixed menu that he gets.
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    aquilareen said:
    I’m looking forward to your photos.

    We're looking forward to taking them!

    aquilareen said:
    Some people should not be allowed to have dogs.

    Lots of people shouldn't.  Not least those people who are now getting rid of what was an adorable puppy during the pandemic.  I don't have words.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good Morning. Misty again but not as bad as the last two or three days: my OH went out with Bonnie early and told me that he'd seen something he'd never seen before. As the harvest moon went down towards the horizon it seemed extra large, and was orange almost like a pumpkin.

    I hope OG feels better today. Also that Lynettes OH can find out what is affecting him to be so tired.

    AQ - Sounds uncomfortable for you, and a nuisance if a long drive makes you sore afterwards. Love the quotes today. A common cry in this house is to remark "We're falling apart!" :-))
  • LINDY - Maybe we should start a new group on here ' The Falling Apart Club' ;-)
    But there may then be very few left on the Weekly Chat page !

    I'm falling apart as well - 

  • We used to have a friend who said "Bits keep falling off, but I'm OK" so we both often use that when replying to enquiries as to how we are!
  • HEATHER – Glad s-i-l is not stressed about his quarantine. Not long now. Tell him to try (when he is released) our South Aussie King George whiting, a delicate white flesh fish, of course more expensive that other varieties of whiting but hey, it’s worth it. My OH doesn’t like barramundi.

    Our state has been trialling home quarantine for selected travellers (returning home from interstate or overseas). They must be double jabbed, isolate at home alone or somehow divide house. They are contacted by text 3-5 times a day and must respond within 15 mins. Facial recognition & GPS is used to verify. Covid test on days 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 13. So far 30 have completed successfully. It costs state a lot less than supporting hotel quarantine ($1,000 vs $8,000). NSW is planning similar but only 7 days – I wonder about that with so many testing positive on day 13.

    LINDA – Bits falling off LOL.

    My neck pain is easing this evening. Yes, I know I am a pain in the neck. . . I hope to stay awake for an antique episode of Restoration Man, nothing else worth watching.

  • I'm not sure bits are falling off, but my body seems to have suddenly developed a mind of its own. Having had a horrible reaction to a bite last week, I now have an absolutely awful cold. What I refer to as a 'wet' cold' - you really don't need any more detail. It descended last night and now is just horrible. A good friend/neighbour has just bought me some soft tissues (far more soothing than the kitchen roll I was using!) and a coffee and walnut cake. Sometimes I'm amazed at how well some people know me!