Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 September 2021

  • Blustery windy day here – I’m not complaining - I love this weather when I'm home..

    Just a thought

    Pleasant thoughts are flowers of the mind. (J Langdon)

  • Sunny but cool here.
    No improvement in dog noise for middle daughter. The lady has driven off to Manchester ( where they come from) for a holiday and her son was away from lunchtime until bedtime on Saturday. The poor dog was barking and howling indoors all that time. Daughter has reported to SSPCA and the Environmental Health department of the council. A friend of the son came and let the dog out for a short time to do the necessary. The necessary is left lying on the garden slabs for days. Poor poor dog. He is, I think, a collie.
  • CLARE Have a wonderful time. On the Covid front. Mask have to be worn in shops and also in hospitality if you are standing up...sitting down you can take the mask off. You will also have to scan the QR code and if you can't do that, fill-in in a wee form instead, just name, time of visit and contact no.
  • Good Morning. Very misty here - can't see the fields. Yesterday we took down our sweet pea tower as not much left on it :-(

    Heather, that poor dog...
  • Sun is out, now. Much better!!
  • LINDY I do love your poems. Pam Ayres was on "Countdown" last week and you do remind me of her when you rattle off your ditties. What a wonderful talent you both have.
  • How kind, dibnlib. I like Pam Ayres too. But she's much more professional about her poetry. I did indeed rattle off the Mull one, in just the time it took to put it down. When I take more time over it and buff them up a bit they're more pleasing -- recently I mentioned dancing in the kitchen and it reminded me of a poem I wrote over 20 years ago about just that. It was one of my better ones but as its very personal to me, and might be copied from on here, I won't put it on.

    Sat in the garden after lunch as the sun was out, but after half an hour we had to decamp indoors again. We had cut down some plants this morning so the garden looks tidier, but rather bare now.
  • Vaguely misty here early on, but soon cleared and sunny through to mid-afternoon J's car had no problems and passed MoT. Plumber failed to solve garage water heater problem - looks like he was issued with a valve as faulty as the original - so, we wait again. Not feeling very well today - hope to recover before Friday as we plan a visit to garden centre when J is at interview.

    CLARE - and Limpy - I think you must be setting out tomorrow for your stop in Kirtlebridge. Hope you have a wonderful trip and good journeys.

    HEATHER - sorry about that poor Dog - and your Daughter having to endure it.

    Something happening tomorrow - but I can't remember what! Maybe just a local food shop!
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    I think you must be setting out tomorrow for your stop in Kirtlebridge.

    Wednesday.  We're also going to be stopping at RSPB Saltholme on the way (near Middlesbrough), which we're looking forward to.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Hi all, hope you are all keeping reasonably well.

    Lindybird - what a lovely poem to welcome Clare to Mull.

    Clare - enjoy your trip to Mull.

    Talking of Covid certificates. We were given a card at the first one to say we'd had it and then had to present it for the second one. Dau laminated for me so I suppose its a sort of certificate of having had the 2 jabs??


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