Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 September 2021

  • Still warm & dry here. Big cleaning day here – J doing his room today after living rooms during the week (this arrangement seems to be working well) and OH is cleaning the wet-room. I am going to draft a note to people I should have contacted in the past many months – a sort of catch-all apology/excuse! Will not necessarily send all straight away but need to get going to enclose one with Cousin’s birthday card.

    AQ – thanks for explaining those efficient quarantine arrangements. Sounds pleasant if we accept it as a necessity. Pleased your OH feels better. Enjoyed the cat quotes!

    HEATHER – will be interesting to see how UK equivalent compares when S-i-L returns and has to quarantine this end!

    Must get my letter written and see who I need to prioritise when I look through recent incoming post.
  • In reply to bjane:

    BJane Not defensive at all....merely stating your case as someone who knows much more about cats than I do. Lovely to know you have given much needed homes to stray cats.
  • In reply to aquilareen:

    Aww, dang it, AQ. There's always a downside. LOL!
  • It's 3000 Australian dollars, DIANE, but still a fair amount of money, I suppose !
    AQ- Thanks for all the info. It could get boring if I keep reporting about his meals, but he had scrambled egg for breakfast, a prawn stir fry for lunch and chicken curry for dinner, accompanied by a pot of salad and followed by cheesecake. He's making use of the free WiFi and FaceTiming the family quite a lot.
  • In reply to Heather B:

    HEATHER: I'm glad your SiL is being cared for and kept safe in Aussieland. I was joking with AQ, but I imagine it's hard for your SiL to be away from his family for such a long time. On a serious note, I'm glad that if he must be away, he's in Adelaide and not on the U.S. Gulf Coast (Houston, etc.). We're in the middle of a record-breaking hurricane season, with additional catastrophe on the southern coast possible. Also, we're getting warnings of potentially dangerous political unrest coming up. Plus, he would not be kept safe from COVID in Texas like he is in Australia. Wishing your SiL a good work experience.

  • Thanks, DIANE. He wouldn't have chosen to leave UK waters but the Auss ie branch of his company needed somebody and he has to go where he's needed...
  • In reply to bjane:

    bjane: Well done to you for rescuing cats for all those years, especially when you've had other challenges in your life.  So kind of you. Town/city people dump cats out here in the rural/remote area where I live just to get rid of them. If no one rescues them, they must endure the polar vortex cold winters, the fleas and diseases from the wildlife, and the constant threat of being prey for coyotes, bobcats, hawks, black vultures, and other species. The dumping also deeply angers me because the roaming cats are very hard on the bird populations. I've seen severe decline in the numbers of my song birds since the dumping has escalated.

  • OH Annette, Star Date! I had forgotten until you mentioned it now, but I loved it. Wonder locally where it went.

    Sorry I have been out of town and have missed all the news. Must go back to review!

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