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    Congratulations, Mike, on acquiring a full set! I have the other Lady of the Loch book and would very much like to have any or all of the three by Sheila Davies. Please add me to your list of any other folks who would also like to have one or more of her books, please, and send me a heads-up if you hear of any when I am next-up on your list--many thanks. And if anyone else who also has a complete set but hears of any other copies up for grabs, I would very much appreciate you adding my name to any list you might have--also many thanks to you. (After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!)

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  • Happy New Year All

    A snowy scene this morning


  • Happy New Year to your Sandra.
    What a lovely scene, expecially when in zoom. I wonder what the pair are up to just now?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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     Happy New Yeaer to you too, SANDRA

    Sandra P said:
    A snowy scene this morning

    I downloaded the stream 2-3 days ago and took a snap but... can't remember why it didn't get posted.  It was wet and sleety at the time, not such a pretty picture as yours

    This is it now:

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  • Great captures Sandra, Thank you. And I would like to (belatedly) wish everyone a wonderful 2022 also. I truly believe it will turn out to be an exciting year.
  • Happy new year everyone! Lotl are hiring, if anyone's lucky enough to be local. They're looking for enthusiastic individuals to undertake the role of Species Protection Officer (SPO) based at Loch of the Lowes. This paid role includes free accommodation, invaluable training and the opportunity to develop experience in nature conservation, working with volunteers and public engagement!:

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    "Successful candidates will work under a 17.5 hour temporary employment contract, the remainder of the 35 hours each week will be under a volunteer agreement."
    Is this ethical?
  • Yes, Jill, how else are they going to be able to afford it !!!! Candidates will be going in to it with open eyes so they don't need to apply if they cannot fill the position to whatever reason . That's how I see it anyway.
  • 9:22 A visiting Jay


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    It spent around 50 minutes in view, finally dropping low under the nest from the perch. Possibly a juvenile?