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History of Ospreys at Loch of the Lowes

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Arrival dates: Laddie - 21st March  NC0 - 25th March

Three eggs laid: Egg #1 - 11.4.21  Egg #2 - 14.4.21  Egg #3 - 17.4.21

Hatch dates: Chick #1 - 18.5.21 (37 days)  Chick #2 - 20.5.21 (36 days)  Chick #3 - 22.5.21 (35 days)

25.5.21 - Third chick passed away 

22.6.21 - Chicks ringed: #1 - LR1 (female) #2 - LR2 (male)

Ringing Blog: Meet out newly ringed osprey chicks - LR1 and LR2

26.6.21 - NC0 catches a fish

PT4(19) arrives back in the UK. Blog by Joanna Dailey: An important visitor - Kielder Ospreys

9.7.21 - LR1 fledged at 52 days old, 17:01. Blog: First Osprey Chick LR1 Fledges

Blog: We have lift off

12.7.21 - LR2 fledged at 53 days old, c17:40. Blog: LR2 fledges

15.8.21 -  LR1 migrated at 89 days old. Blog: LR1 has left on migration

22.8.21 - NC0 migrated. Blog: NC0 has left on migration

FR2(15) seen back in Scotland for the first time: Link

Laddie and LR2 migrated. Last seen on the nest: Laddie - 25.8.21 (c20:32), LR2 - 26.8.21 (c20:08) 

Blog: Farewell LM12 and LR2

Blog: Osprey Watch 2021 - a look at the data

3.9.21 - LR2 sighted in Southern Spain

25.10.21 - LR2 still in Southern Spain


As the 2021 Osprey season at Loch of the Lowes enters its final stage, it is reassuring to know how very well LR1 and LR2 are faring in the build-up to their first migration. Laddie (LM12) and NC0 (who, it is thought, will soon start her long journey south) are continuing to provide for, and protect, these wonderful (and loud!), young juveniles. Last month, it was fantastic to see the confidence in both LR1 and LR2 when they took to the sky for the first time, as well as watching them practise their spectacular diving skills into the Loch - sights to behold! With only a short number of precious weeks that we have remaining viewing Laddie, NC0 and their family on the webcam, let us hope everything continues to go well.

  • 00:10 NC0 sleeping on the perch


  • One of the LRs standing quietly on thenest and somebody making haunting chipping in the background
    A while ago somebody flew behind that tall tree behind the nest on the left. A while later somebody fllew out from the area near the birch trees made a small circle over the water and flew back into the trees
  • Thanks Sandra for the new thread and excellent intro.

    Also thanks for all your dedication to this nest over the past months. Your hard work - updates and captures - are much appreciated.
  • In reply to Karen:

    Good morning Patily, Karen and all

    Thank you, Karen, it's been (and still is) a pleasure to do. Ditto to you for your dedication to the MB thread 

    No fish deliveries to the nest so far.

    NC0 spent the whole night on the perch, she was joined by LR2 (73 days old) then LR1 (75 days old) just after 5am. All three began fish calling (I muted my sound at that point!), it appeared that Laddie was eating on the birch.

    6:40ish, Laddie (fully cropped) brought on a clump of hay/moss - not what the juveniles were expecting! LR2 was on the nest, LR1 inbound

    LR2 made a grab towards Laddie's talons

    Both juveniles have been on and off the nest since then, continuing to shout for their breakfish

    LR2 on the nest at time of posting


  • In reply to Sandra :

    9:39 A flight from the birch and then up to the cam post (top left). I can't make out who it was


  • In reply to Sandra :

    It was LR1 ^^^ as she's dropped down to the nest. An adult is on the birch

    Hopefully, a fish will be brought to the nest soon


  • In reply to Sandra :

    10:49 Both stopped their fish calling and went silent. LR1 (at the back) sounded an alarm call and they shot off the nest. An adult still on the birch

    Both arrived back to the nest, continuing to shout.


  • In reply to Sandra :

    11:04 Possibly two adults on the birch


  • In reply to Sandra :

    11:45ish A small fish was finally delivered to the nest by Laddie, LR2 was able to take it before LR1

    Fish in LR2's beak


  • In reply to Sandra :

    12:24 NC0 (fully cropped) flew from the middle branch of the birch with a huge, headless fish. After a battle between the juveniles, LR1 finally claimed it

    LR2 attempted to steal but was flapped away by LR1

    I wonder if NC0 had been tucking into that fish since earlier this morning?