MANTON BAY – AUGUST 2021 to end of FEBRUARY 2022

  • In reply to Karen:

    No Karen our apologies! We have it wrong way round! We were distracted with a very lovely but chatty lady and trying not to be rude by turning our back on her but obviously we have got it wrong! :-( so sorry glad we have you in control at base :-)
    Well that's even better as we now know Maya gets a fish too.
    Just been talking to a volunteer who says 056 been doing some great fishing at the trout farm so good to know he still about!
  • LAM - please, no need to apologise!

    My laptop blue screened then crashed and I have been in one major panic as stupid me has not backed up for a couple of weeks so you know what I am about to start of now!!!

    But anyway what is of interest is that you saw 33 eating a fish earlier and now we see that Maya has gone and got her own.

    Perhaps 33's way of now letting her know it is time for her to be on her way.

    Righty I am off to see to a BU. Enjoy the rest of the night and thanks for the info on 056. BFN
  • In reply to Karen:

    Thank you Karen for your understanding and sorry to hear your laptop has crashed! Nightmare if you have no back up hope you can get it sorted!
    Yes you are right main thing they both had a fish and think tomorrow looks favourable weather! Perhaps we will get to see the infamous spiral up and heading off!
    Thank you and you enjoy your night too.
  • Just found this post and even sadder to have missed this! Seems it was spectacular :-(But pleased for those who saw it :-) Maybe one day!
  • In reply to LAM:

    Ah well, I've come here to catch up, armed with Maya and her supper just in case you'd retired early, KAREN... mighta know'd you'da covered it

    What an interesting read the last few pages have been - thanks so much KAREN and LAM, we're so lucky to have you on site giving us your time.

    Super report from Chris Woods on Facebook - I can hardly believe the 2 rivals left within minutes of each other but it seems they did


  • TThanks for all the newsKAREN and LAM and the poignant description of these precious juvies leaving on FB Maya and 33 have done a great job God speed to 095 and 096 I hope you find a safe niche and make a safe return
  • Morning LAM, Scylla, Patily & ALL

    Your last day LAM and perhaps Maya and 33's too!!    Hopefully a good day ahead - enjoy.

    Quick scroll back and could not resist this what is, according to the met office, sunrise.  Such a pity no sun / dramatic sky but it just looks so peaceful and what it must be now for Maya and 33


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  • 08:02  Maya arrived on the nest

    08:24  Maya has been calling - perhaps 33 is tucking into a large fish?

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    09:01  As I type, Maya is still on the nest 

  • In reply to Karen:

    Morning Karen, Scylla, Patily and All
    You're welcome Scylla it is a pleasure to be able to give some input to the goings on.
    Thank you for this mornings updates Karen and yes to confirm that 33 does appear to be eating a large fish on the fallen tree! Really pleased that they are still here for our last day Karen but yes agreed they may be off before the end of it!
    Hope you have got laptop up and running again Karen and All is working well for you and us :-)
  • 09:55    Maya is still on the nest

    and calling!!

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