MANTON BAY – AUGUST 2021 to end of FEBRUARY 2022

  • Morning ALL


    096 is 107 days old &

    095 is 105 days old

    096 was last seen on the nest at 08:51 on 20 Aug and 095 at 09:06 yesterday (22 Aug).

    Both juveniles were not seen later around the nest as reported by LAM so the question now is have 096 and 095 set off on their first migration?

    The next few days will tell!

  • Looking at that I'd say that 096 has definitely gone. 095 has probably gone as well, but .......... you never know with ospreys.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • LAM - hope you both had a pleasant evening and it was looking pretty miserable this morning but thankfully it is now looking a bit brighter.

    Rutland last advised, while our last sighting of 096 at the nest was 20 Aug, that the family were still here 21 August and 096 on the T Perch.

    No sign of any of the family this morning on the nest so look forward to any info you can get and of course the last sighting of 096 which you mentioned you were "working on".

    Have a great day and hopefully Maya and 33 put on a good show for you.

  • 10:12   33 arrives, mantling

    threat quickly passes

    10:15   unseen threat again   -   33  wing flapping 

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    10:18   33 flies off.

    Suspect there will be a few ospreys passing as they all now start heading south 

  • Morning Karen and All
    Thank you we did have a nice evening although very tired so didn't do much!
    33 taken to sitting in the middle of the water and Maya up in the trees. All very quiet apart from the odd intruder and still no sign of 096 or 095. They were last seen yesterday morning and disappeared within half hour of each other! It may be they have gone exploring the bay or maybe they have gone. Time will tell :-)
    Although quiet with the ospreys there is plenty of other interest with all the other birds! We are here until Tuesday so you never know they may come back in need of a fish :-) We have seen them already on previous occasions so not too disappointed if they don't show for us!
    Yes thank you Karen the weather has at least picked up so not a repeat of last year when we were pinned to the back of the hide with torrential rain and storms lol!
    33 still sitting in middle of water and Maya still in tree as we post.
  • Looks like 33 been and got a fish and eating in tree as Maya to nest! Gosh 33 is quite sneaky with his fishing :-)
  • Good observations and news posted today, thank you LAM and Karen and Clare. I appreciate the captures Karen, thank you
  • In reply to Cirrus:

    Thank you Cirrus. The end of the season is nigh!
    We'll be making the most of all we see that's for sure and of course share with you.
  • 33 appears to have eaten all the fish had a flight and back to the poplar tree! Not sure it was a very big fish and maybe he thinks she should go and get her own now!
  • 33 headed down bay on a mission. Hopefully he comes back with a fish for the lovely Maya. She has gone for a fly around and settled in middle of water.