MANTON BAY – AUGUST 2021 to end of FEBRUARY 2022

  • In reply to LAM:

    33 back without fish! Perhaps just stretching his wings in readiness!
  • Hi LAM – thanks for all the updates. 

    Thanks for letting us know that both 096 and 095 were last seen yesterday morning.   And yes, time will tell if they are actually off however  I do suspect 095 definitely is for I cannot imagine her not on the nest standing guard far less by-passing a fish :-D 

    About Maya and fishing - quote “maybe he thinks she should go and get her own now”.   Didn’t 33 think that in 2020?    Pretty sure it was that season and once the last juvenile was off, he just stopped fishing for her, totally ignoring her calls and she eventually went off and got herself a fish.   But he did share his fish yesterday with her so maybe that was a one off and he will continue to feed her.   

    Here is a capture of Maya when she was on the nest

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    And as you mention, a short video of her flying off down the bay.