MANTON BAY – AUGUST 2021 to end of FEBRUARY 2022

Continued from Manton Bay – July 2021.  

The history of the Manton Bay nest, breeding stats and links to previous threads can be found here.

2021 Season Summary:  On 19 March, Blue 33(11) returned at 12:29 and Maya at 12:52.  Three eggs were laid, #1 on 30 March at 11:45#2 seen on 2 April at 07:34 and #3 on 5 April at 07:05.  Sadly only two eggs hatched, the first on 8 May at 19:51 and the second on 10 May at 19:48, one being unviable.   The chicks were ringed on 19 June.  Chick #1, a male, was fitted with the blue darvic 096 and Chick #2, a female, was fitted with blue 095 . At 54 days old, Blue 096 fledged at 12:12 on 1 July and Blue 095, aged 53 days old, at 11:12 on 2 July.  On 22 August at 09:10, Blue 095 aged 104 days old, set off on migration and 3 minutes later, 09:13, Blue 096 aged 106 days old left.   Maya and Blue 33(11) remained and finally set off - Maya on 30 August and Blue 33(11) the next morning on 31 August.

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  • July Recap:

    Throughout July, 096 and 095 continued to thrive under the excellent care of Maya and 33(11) learning to self feed, building up their wing muscles and practicing their flying skill preparing for their long journey ahead.   096 proved to be the more adventurous of the two and on 22 July took off for a few days.   Since returning 095 will not let him near, far less on the nest and showing aggression each time he attempts to land resulting 096 is not being fed on the nest.

    This has created a division within the family and fortunately, thanks to LAM who visited at the end of the month, we have learned that 33 is managing to transfer small fish to his son on the T Perch.    Hopefully this feeding continues so that 096 remains nourished and that this dispute will resolve itself and once more we see 096 back on the nest.

  • Today,

    096 is 85 days &

    095 is 83 days old

  • Checking back, as yet there has been no fish deliveries and at 08:15, a very brief visit from 095

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  • In reply to Karen:

    Morning Karen.
    Great summary of the July nest events thank you.
    Interesting now to see the developments.
    It seems that Maya is instigating a nest delivery but maybe 33 is concentrating on deliveries to 096!
  • Thanks LAM.

    Maya paid another brief visit around 10:25 and since then, ENS.

    Yes, interesting to see how things pan out here but meanwhile isn't it frustrating not knowing what is going on off cam!!
  • 12:16   33 arrives with a small stick

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    stays a minute and flies off.

  • In reply to Karen:

    Very frustrating Karen not to know what is going on however, even when you are on site though its not so easy to see as Maya and 33 are not in their usual places due to the current situation so it's making it very difficult to identify where and who it is on what tree and branch without spending hours observing. We did 7 hours on Thursday before we could even report anything just to get up to speed with the.'new' positions and then Friday 9 hours and Saturday 7 hours and for much of the time it was difficult to see where anyone other than 096 was as mostly they were not in the bay or behind the trees out of site!
    33 did a similar thing yesterday with a small stick and took it away again!
  • 12:59   095 on the nest and calling

    soon mantling and screeching!

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  • In reply to LAM:

    Thanks LAM for you input - I can imagine that getting to grips and identifying the birds would have been very difficult with what is going on just now and of course the weather didn't help!

    We can only but hope that calm restores before your next visit!!