Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 May 2021

  • dibnlib:  Lovely sunset indeed.

    Lindybird:  Good re Sue, Out of sight; out of mind.  Let's hope the sale goes through quickly.  Any luck with a replacement for Boris?   My rain parcel seems to have stalled over the south of the UK.  :-)

    AQ:  Hurray for rain.  But I had to smile and wonder which 1/4 of the shower got cleaned.

    Neighbors have gone camping so am going to zoom over with my cordless trimmer and sort of the top of our hedge from their driveway, which is a good 18" higher than our property. Great fat ring-necked pigeons are back in the neighborhood hogging up the bird feed and almost as brazen as the squirrel.  Grrrr.

  • Annette, we have some really fat pigeons. I keep shooing them away but then I feel a bit mean, but they do peck up the bird seed at a great rate, leaving less for the garden birds :-(

    Sue is busy looking for another dog, with the help of her four heartbroken granddaughters, who don't understand how anyone could be so mean. Sue is trying hard not to be tempted by the sad tales of the available dogs, some of which as she says, have "three legs and an excitable personality" She doesn't want a puppy at her age, or a dog which might stretch the finances with illness.

    I often clean a quarter of the bathroom- if you don't have time to do the lot, just wipe most things down or just scrub the shower. Then do more another day.  We have a big tiled shower cubicle so I tend to scrub just one of the three walls each week,  although I do clean the doors properly every time. I read a book about cleaning, (written by a man!) and it was pointed out that even the most busy person can spare 5 minutes which gives a sort of Forth Bridge approach- go back to the beginning and start again when you've been around it, and the whole thing is never dirty all at once!

  • One of my small pots on the decking here- they all have to fend for themselves when we're not here so it's satisfying to see them thrive and even produce strange flowers in spring! Some of our neighbours have lots of plants, but they come here almost every weekend so everything gets attention.

  • In reply to dibnlib:

    stunning sunset, dibnlib.

    Lindybird - so pleased to hear that the news re Sue's neighbour is promising, just pray now that the sale doesn't fall through.


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  • AQ - glad to hear you have some rain at last.

    Annette - hope it comes your way too, unfortunately California is known for its dry climate.


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