• Thanks for updates and pics. Still no chick yet, but probably imminent.


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  • In reply to Lynette:

    Oh dear, I'm missing everything since the cam went down because I didn't get failed files building up.

    I recorded a bit from rollback this morning and the changeover looked unproblematic.

    A nice stretch from NC0 before she flew:

    Laddie sitting comfortably:

    Hopeless trying to get closeups of the eggs, we need zoooomz

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  • In reply to scylla:

    The cam went down again just after 05:00 but picked itself back up.

    Before 5, it zoomed in on an otter swimming from the other side into the inlet - lost quite a bit out of focus tho.  Then there was another took the same path - no zoom for that, I FF'd it.