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Arrival dates:   Laddie - 21st March   NC0 - 25th March

Three eggs laid:

11.4.21 -  NC0 lays an egg

14.4.21 -  NC0 lays her second egg

17.4.21 -  NC0 lays her third egg

Hatch dates

Chick #1 - 18.5.21 (37 days) Early hours The first chick has hatched at Loch of the Lowes 

Chick #2 - 20.5.21 (36 days) 1:16am The second chick has hatched at Loch of the Lowes

Chick #3 - 22.5.21 (35 days) The third chick has hatched at Loch of the Lowes

25.5.21 - Chick 3 passed away   Sad news about our third chick


Absolutely delighted to have watched three precious eggs being laid. Laddie and NC0 have perfected their incubation duties and, through trying times during April, defended them and the nest from multiple intruding Ospreys.  Hopefully, it will not be too long until we see three chicks being cared for by their super parents.

  • 23:25 NC0 exercised her wings and had a quick fly around after having spent the majority of the day (30.4.21) incubating. She had been beset with many Osprey intrusions which she dealt with admirably. Laddie, as far as I could tell, was last seen leaving the nest at 13:00 after an exchange of duty when NC0 took over.

    Hoping that Laddie comes to the nest first thing in the morning with a fish for NC0 and to allay any concerns


  • Thank you for starting the new thread with a super opening post, SANDRA  

    I am so sorry to see the harrowing afternoon/evening the NCO went thru, and that Laddie has been missing since yesterday lunchtime - this was the last time you saw him - I haven't been able to find him since then: