• Another fleeting visit
    12.01.32 152 returned, one intruder chip and started calling
    12.10.43 She was looking intently at something, and flew off sweeping down and to the lower right

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • 12.53 She's back, quietly, no sign of him
  • Update as at 15.48

    13.45.06 152 returned with a call, looking for the Young Pretender

    13.48      She started calling expectantly, watching..

    13.48.48       The Young Pretender came down, landing on her back.  She called, he faux mantled!

    13.49.45      152 calls, YP looks around him

    13.50.03 YP opened his wings, 152 went towards his talons, but there was no fish

    He lifts up and lands on her back.  She did not respond, kept her tail down and tipped him off.

    He flew off down over the near ridge.

    13.50.30 152 watches quietly, over the back of the nest

    14.02.01 152 flies, dropping away from the nest of our right and off the screen

    15.32.44 152 returned with an intruder chip, and then called, looking above and around, head waving to get focus.

    15.44 152 continues to call, and tend her feathers intermittently.

    15.49  Her calls are getting louder and more persistent

    What is it with these young males  Haven't they read the rule book that they need to supply fish to entice the females, or are mums not passing this on these days!!

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • Don't be deceived into thinking she has flown - she has, but only up to the campost!

    Edit:  17.02 she is still there.  No sign of the Young Pretender, or a fish

    Edit edit:  Liz posted that 152 flew off around 17.00, with no further appearance from the Young Pretender, nor a fish delivery.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • 12.01.08 on Fri 14th they're back and getting better at it!