GLASLYN OSPREYS - APRIL 2021 to end of FEB 2022

  • In reply to scylla:

    13 September

    The little blighters are still with us:


  • Ahhhhh, good oh. I was watching them on Saturday and listening to the birdsong (and train ! - ye gods)
    Great captures Scylla - such a joy to see them making free with the nest.
  • Aran is still here, I just checked and he's on his usual distant tree (not the fish-eating tree).

    Oh well, better provide a snap, rough live one:


  • The warm weather must be keeping him here!  Still with us 17.40.

    Gail reported him at 16.02, twenty minutes of so before Scylla's pic.  Whether he had just arrived then I don't know, as my chat only goes back to 15.45 and there was no mention of him then.

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  • Sheila, first report was :-
    2:51 PM
    Sue W

    2:52 PM
    ​Hi Aran

    if that helps. The latest news is that the Hide appeal has reached half way!

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  • In reply to Mike:

    13 September

    I didn't find Aran with a fish today, here's his fly-off: