• Great news about s2(15)
    "An exciting update about male S2(15), who is breeding over in the Netherlands at the Nationaal Park de Biesbosch. Big thanks goes to Rob Braat for sending us these fantastic images of S2 and his family!
    Having bred for the first time last year with a German ringed female, S2(15) has had another great season, successfully raising two juveniles. Despite returning around the 28th March to find his nest had unfortunately been blown down in a storm, this didn't deter him from building a new nest nearby - he certainly takes after his father, 33(11)! "
  • The latest blog about the sad death of Blue 2AA (2016) from Rutland , but also some good news on other juveniles etc


  • Thank you Valerie. An informative update from Abi with a well deserved 'thank you'!

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Such terribly sad news of 2AA, aka Duracell and Wonky Wing's son particularly after the report of a sighting earlier. I believe the Spanish authorities are taking such accidents seriously and are trying to mitigate the danger, but not quickly enough.
    The whole scenario remind me of the death of dear Cally, Caledonia which makes it even more tragic. Two young British ospreys who have a history and lots of followers eager to watch their lives develop.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    I was actually sent photos Sheila the day before on the 18th of a sighting of Blue 2AA and was just about to post them on the group when I got the news of his death , I must say Spain have done a lot of work there after the death of Loch Arkaig's Blue JH3 in 2018 , Portugal in fairness are not bad and it was one pole that was not protected , where Blue 2AA was is rice fields etc and lots of poles for irrigation , that pole will now be rectified by EDP the Portuguese electric company . We need to have full protection for our ospreys they face enough dangers . Yes it reminded me so much of Blue AA1 dear Caledonia , similar indeed foggy morning :(


  • Very sad news about 2AA, but thanks for telling us, Valerie. Good news about the other sightings, though. I wonder how the percentages of Osprey losses compare between the dangers of collisions (with power lines, guy wires, etc.), fog (and other hazards) in southern Europe and the combined dangers of longer migration, crossing the Sahara, fishing nets, crocodiles, and hunting in west Africa. Another question--which Osprey is next in line to claim the River Gwash fish pond as his next year?

    Kind regards, Ann

  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    I will say Blue T7 maybe ??


  • In reply to Valerie:

    Thank you for that very sad news, VALERIE - like SHEILA, my mind went straight to dear Cally when I read the ROP blog.  It's a relief to hear that local authorities have the right attitude, let's hope they direct sufficient resources to the problem.


  • Valerie, thank you for reminding me of Pean/JH3. He remains in my psyche but not the reason for his death. I do well remember LA and Lachlan in 2017, the beginning of the modern LA story. Pean was on another nest site at, I think, the 'other' end of the loch.
    It also reminds me of Jimmy, CU2, who died in Wales under similar, but not the same, circumstances, and all the amazing work that Gail Edgley did with the local electricity company.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • In lighter news from Rutland - this cormorant's bitten off more than s/he can chew!