Poole Harbour Osprey Project 2021 Season

  • Good Morning ALISON Better than them rotting in the nest
  • Morning, patily. Yes, and I’m still surprised that the same thing didn’t happen last year.
  • Thank you for the info Alison.

    First egg stolen.

    and the second. One minute between them.

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    Birdies LG DU update.

  • In reply to Alison Copland:

    This morning CJ7 came down from the campost @ 05:24 and had a bit of a seesaw on a stick:

    She pottered and poked about the eggs and flew @ 05:54.

    Alison Copland said:
    A raven just took both eggs.

    It was a long time before CJ7 returned, she didn't immediately check the nestcup but the Raven buzzed her.  Later she sat in the nestcup for a while but hasn't laid a third egg yet.