Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 21 February 2021

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Thank you Diane for starting us off and what a beautiful pic of Jacob's ladder flower.

    Annette - couldn't agree more, who wants to know what these celebrities get up to. I'm afraid I think the BBC has gone downhill with producing dramas etc. All emphasize seems to be on inclusion of all ethnecity peoples and its gone mad both in adverts and in programmes. I'm all for inclusion but I think they are going overboard for fear of offending anyone. All these so called reality shows, not for me.

    I;m sorry to see Harry and Meghan leave the fold but can understand that they want their privacy. Read an article in the paper that they seem to be focusing attention on themselves and not on what they intend to do. Let's hope that diplomacy in all fields reign and that they will be sensible in their interviews.. It also mentioned that the two brothers were going to keep in contact re family matters so all hope is not lost.


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  • In reply to JillR:

    Lindybird - that tart looks yummy and seems easy to make.

    Been a mild day down here with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon.
    Have to go and change books tomorrow so will deposit them and leave them with a list for me to
    collect at a convenient time..
    W'ere all over the Covid 19 scare. Dau tested negative on a lateral test last night ( they have to do it for school) and OH is much better. All out of isolation so can pop out to shops tomorrow.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Cool day. I did not feel too weary and was out with camera early. I could not find top of my list (plaque nor honour board), but I did sort 4 others on list. Came home for lunch & 2-hour nanny nap. Still weary and I have muscles in legs & feet that have not been used for too long! A disagreement with OH whether it is Mon or Tues – he’s mislaid another day!!!
  • Just a thought

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

  • Good Morning. A lovely quote, AQ. Glad you felt stronger & that you took a good nap to recover from your excursion.

    We awoke to the most astounding sight here: the sky has been on fire! I took over 20 pictures of the changing view.

  • It lasted ten to fifteen minutes, then quickly faded as the sun came fully up. Now it's a blue grey sky with no hint of the earlier drama.

  • Lynette, good news for you that the family are clear now. I hope your daughter feels stronger now.

    We are going to have a Cleaning Day here: I've been tidying and cleaning the kitchen cupboards one at a time for a few days (starting with the easy ones such as the glasses cupboard, LOL!) My OH is going to hoover all through and I'm going to wield the mop in the kitchen & porch, so that we feel we've been good on the HW front. Then we might fit in some walks later this week.
  • LINDA – I’m seriously worried about you. Do you get these cleaning attacks often? Are there some meds you can take for this strange condition? LOL
  • What fantastic photos, LINDY ! Thank you.
    I've been waiting all day in the hope of hearing some news about Callum and the hearing. Nothing yet.
    Bullfinch update - this morning, in the same tree in youngest daughter's garden, three males, two females and some fluffy bundles ! I wish there was a way of warning them that there is a resident cat who is a very good hunter....