• Morning all:

    AQ;  Had a good laugh at "so much to do, so few people....."

    Heather:  It's all so damn hard on so many working people.  It makes sense to me to vaccinate working folks before us retired types so they can get back to work and get the economy moving again.  Hope you get more regular sleep and that those two nights were a blip (worrying were you?).  Do you  have electric space heaters or something that could warm up a downstairs area?

    Rosy:  Sun is still up there; will trade you for some clouds and rain?.

    Where oh where is OG?

  • ROSY no sun here, today.
    ANNETTE - yes, have gas fires downstairs but in the rooms I never use when here on my own! I've just found myself comfortable in what is almost like a bed sitting room :-)
    Maybe there is an internet outage where OG lives.
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    Lindybird said:
    My CD collection is even bigger than my shoe collection by the way!

    Is that humanly possible?

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    HEATHER: I was just sitting here worrying about OG and Eagle-Eye. So when you mentioned that her absence may be due to an internet outage, I decided to investigate. Do you know whether her internet carrier is BT (British Telecom)? Because you were correct. There appears to be a major outage in her region. Take a look at this and see whether I'm right???

  • I left OG a couple of messages on Facebook, and it doesn't appear that she has seen them.

    EDIT: Yup, OG hasn't been on Facebook at all for over 24 hours.

  • Ah, good detective work, Diane :-) That might well be the answer.

    Clare, I was trying to estimate how many CDs I have, and had to give up. There are some in three rooms in the house, and half a dozen in the car. In our bedroom alone, there are two towers with about 60 CDs in each, plus a smaller container with 40 or so, plus a big pile with about 40..... In the study there is a wall rack with 45 in it. Then there is a drawerful beneath the stereo, Oh! and a couple of shoeboxes in the attic full with some which overflowed. They are of all kinds of music: country & western, pop, Christmas (of course) classical of every kind but mostly operatic and piano, Elvis, Elton John, The Everlys, Mark Knopfler, Barbra Striesand, The Beatles, brass bands, soothing "relaxation" stuff, Spanish guitars..... too many!

    Even I don't have that many shoes!

  • Lindy - Some years ago both my CD and vinyl collections were getting out of hand - they take up a huge amount of space! So I treated myself to a multi-store device. It took me two years to transfer all my vinyl (takes far longer than CDs!!) and several months to transfer all the CDs. I haven't quite had the energy to do the audio tapes yet ... but I really must. And then I gave away all my vinyl and most of my CDs - just kept a few favourites to play in the car. My Brennan now contains 1,220 items. But not such a variety of genres as yours. Almost all classical (The Beatles and Victor Borge appear in there somewhere) - orchestral, choral, sacred, chamber music, relaxation, opera and not much else, but hey - it's what I enjoy listening to!

    Hope OG is OK. That's a long time for power outages. And AQ, hope the treatment continues to be efficient and that you continue to cope well. Sending healing energy across the miles.
  • I chatted with a friend on Facebook who lives near OG's area. She called a friend nearer to her, and the friend said that there are issues with some internet providers in OG's location. So, I reckon that's why OG hasn't been around. I was starting to worry.
  • AQ: I'm glad you're doing well. May it continue. Definitely rest whenever you get a chance.
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    Lindy: It was Heather's idea. She's the smart one.