Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 August 2020

  • HARELADY - pleased you enjoyed the family last week - but sorry you have been bad with the chest infection - hope the new ABs work. Take care!

    DIANE - sorry you didn't see the emergence of the Moth - prefer not to think if it being a meal for somebody!
  • What a pity - I think we were all intrigued with the moth, or whatever it was in the end.

    Very warm here, its been warming up all day. Been busy preparing rooms for our visitors early next week. My OH came back from golf and set to, to put up a new venetian blind in the guestroom. He had a bit of a fight with it as the wood surround to the window is really hard, but he got there in the end and it looks very smart.

    I ordered a colour described as "bone" - how many people here would have expected to see a pale grey colour when it arrived?? It is in fact a dull cream, but thankfully it matches the curtains at present, and does not look "wrong" otherwise, I would have been seriously disappointed. Very hard to tell from a picture on a screen, and we didn't want gleaming bright white slats.

    Harelady, sorry to hear that you've been poorly, and with such a cough. Good that the tests put you in the clear for not having this awful virus. Get well soon.

  • I just wrote a long post and found I was not signed in. I will try again tomorrow. I had written several replies, and thought I had not left anyone out. Best wishes to all.
  • So annoying, Rosy - we have all done it at some time.

    Tired to bed, for me: no chance to have a snooze today as too much needed doing, so no catch up on last night. Have been on the phone to Sue a lot as she is taking the opportunity to borrow our caravan this weekend, now that the boiler is fixed. Her son and family are going to have a few days in their caravan up the coast from where ours is, so she will be able to join them.

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ - I know it will be contained soon or will eventually fizzle out. As you say we all get down days but we have to keep smiling through so they say..

    That's men for you,, AQ. another set of good quotes, some make you chuckle others are common sense sort of.

    HeatherB - I realise it is probably for the best. We are not the only ones to be disappointed. Don't want to even try gallavanting abroad with all the palava of that. May see if we can book into a cottage not too far away in October for 2/3 days just to give us a change of scenery. Always lovely places to see.

    I was looking at the leaflet emailed to me re exercises - one is to hold the leg up by the ankle for a short period, doubt very much if I can do that one but better try it. ugh. One is lying down with knees bent then bringing them up to your chest with hands tucked under them, another one which I shall have to try on the bed as on the ground will find it difficult.

    Harelady - hope the second lot of antibiotics do the trick. At least you know you haven't got the dreaded lurgy.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Its muggy down here too, found myself sweating whilst watching Death in Paradise. Going to be uncomfortable in bed tonight, still I can always come downstairs and sit on my recliner chair, more comfortable at present because leg begins to ache uncomfortably in bed at present. Waiting for gel to be delivered and must try and start exercises tomorrow!!


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all:

    Harelady: Good to see you and to read that you had a lovely time with the family.  Re that chest infection, are they sure it's bacterial?  If it's a virus, antibiotics won't do much....  

    Diane: I too found myself wondering what happened to the cocoon....

    Lindybird:  Glad your 'bone' color worked out.  It's almost impossible to predict these days when the photography at the seller's end may be suspect, not to mention how it translates on our devices.   Are achy legs a new thing?

    Rosy:  Maybe copy your post before you upload it?

    Lynette: Staying close to home sounds like a good idea at this point.  My mother used to say a change is as good as a cure (or something like that).   That exercise that has you raising your knees to your chest might be better on the floor depending on how firm your mattress is.

    OH had follow up with doc this pm and is happy that he has the all-clear for his morning cup of coffee, but still no wine for now - and no spicy food, which he loves.

    Just had a bowl of wonderful  nectarines with Trader Joe's chocolate bonbons (dark Belgian chocolate and vanilla ice cream).  Yum.  

    Have a good Friday everyone

  • LYNETTE – When I had my knee replacements, I could not do all the exercises as described. My physio adapted those so that I got some benefit. Sorry to say I am very lazy and now only do my back exercises daily.

    Another cold day, max 10 C. I went out to fetch vacuum cleaner bags, soup bone and library books – not all from the same place! I had requested the books as an inter-library loan. The requests trickle in as couriers from various libraries delivers one after another; still one more book to come. The soup bone was a lovely big ham bone with oodles of meat left on it. I left it to simmer while I had lunch and watched my daily dose of doom & gloom (news report). By the time I remembered, the meat fell away and I was able to deposit the bone in the bin 5 mins before rubbish truck called. I shall make the soup tomorrow.

  • Just a thought

    Roaming free as the breeze
    What's to stop me or why?
    I can live as I please
    Open road, open sky. (song)

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette - I too had the thought about the ABs as it was just a telephone consultation but I thing because I was bringing up some horrid stuff she thought it may be bacterial.

    Day 2 of the new tabs and still coughing and still muck on chest - so will carry on.

    Here in Suffolk its hot and humid and expected to rise to 28 degrees however my poor Son and Family in London are due for 38 degrees! I expect the children will be in just pants and nappies.

    Daughter in Silverstone is due 34 degrees.

    Diane - Thanks for the cocoon update - I too think that a beauty emerged!

    Stay cool everyone.