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    I wonder if anyone remembers the fuss I kicked up about the changing URLs for the LG cam 2-3 years ago?  Peter gave us a "permanent" link to the live cam but it was no good to me because the underlying URL would have changed and that's what I had to have for 24/7 recording.

    Anyway, to be sure of accessing the current live link one must go the the cam's CHANNEL page, which for Glaslyn is and that never changes.

    But now all you'll see is:

    If the live cam were active you'd see this (Poole Harbour used as an example):

    - click on the cam pic or the LIVE NOW text and it will bring up the live cam page.  Caveat!  If a cam is in the midst of turmoil, like Glaslyn has been, you may think you get the live cam view but wait a few seconds and you may see the dreaded buffer circle, because the cam has recently gone down and the "cam controller"  hasn't yet done whatever's necessary to get the it back - which may well involve a new URL! So you'll have to wait until, eg, Heather has diagnosed and fixed the problem, then reset the cam and YT system, and then the LIVE NOW link on the Channel page will bring up an active cam.

    I expect that was all unnecessary but I'm in turmoil myself and needed to get it off my chest   

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  • Thank you ,thank you Scylla for the very succinct explanation All relevant and all good
  • From FB

    Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife - Glaslyn Ospreys.

    6 h  ·

    Apologies that the live stream is currently down. We are having issues with the main computer and it keeps crashing the internet at Pont Croesor when we switch on the encoder to live stream to YouTube. We will do our best to get it up and running again.

    On Tuesday afternoon an Osprey was perched on a dead tree on the inland side of the Porthmadog Cob. It was perched on the same tree at dusk later that evening. It is a tree that Aran has used in the past during the early and late part of the season. We suspect that the Osprey was Aran. When he had left Pont Croesor on Saturday and Sunday, he had headed in that direction on each occasion. There have been no recorded sightings of him at the nest site or Pont Croesor since Sunday, but he may have lost his ties to the nest site now the chicks have left.

    Thank you to Eddie Urbanski for allowing us to use his digiscoped photograph.

    © Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

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  • Wow! Thanks Sheila If that was Aran he's had some nice "me-time" since the kids left
  • Morning All, Many thanks for all of the great coverage of the Glaslyn nest over the season.

    I've just tried to see the Glaslyn Facebook page and for the first time ever I could not get it when I clicked on the actual word of Facebook at the bottom of their home page. I know their live stream had gone down, but had hoped to have news of the situation. Anyone know, please?

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  • The same thing just happened when I clicked on the link for Facebook on the Dyfi home page--'You must log in to continue'. Both pages were previously readable by anyone, not solely those signed up to Facebook. Maybe it is something which Facebook has done?

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  • Ann - Glaslyn is doing a live chat at 14.00hrs today. I am not sure whether it is on YouTube or via their FB page. Would you like me to copy and paste your problem as a Q for their Q&A?

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  • I have PMd Glaslyn, and this is their response:

    I think it might be a Facebook setting. I don't think we are able to change settings like that. Sorry.

    I guess there will be a lot of folk who don't wish to have a FB account who will be affected.  You could get an account using a gmail email address, use a false name, and false DOB and only ask your proper friends to be friends with you - and join closed osprey groups to keep in touch?

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  • Thanks, Sheila, been busy elsewhere and I didn't see your comment until just now, nearly 5 pm, and Glaslyn's Facebook post from the 17th is the only thing which comes up when I click on the links you posted above--no access to any recording of the Q&A session. Sigh. I really do not want to sign up to Facebook at all, but if that is the only way, I may have to give in--arrrgh! A few years ago someone complained to DOP that they could not see their Facebook page and somehow Emyr managed to fix it such that anyone could see their Facebook posts and accompanying chat. Perhaps it is Facebook's own doing--possibly something to do with the US election and Facebook not wanting to give extremists or interfering 'ferriners' easy access?!

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