• Arran last seen on Sunday MC so assumed to have left now. Post by Heather earlier today.

    Birdies LG DU update.

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    SheilaFE said:
    I am just drawn to the thousands of midges

    I haven't seen (or noticed) those particular ones before, SHEILA, they seem to be little flies.  I've seen midgy flyers darting around the birds when they've been on the perch, but not this year as much as last :-/  Mind you, I do miss a lot, having tunnel vision quite often.

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    JillR said:
    Glaslyn cam is back now

    Just as well I checked the previous page, you were BOPS'd, Jill - thank you :)

    Yes, MIKE, but someone had asked yesterday how long the cam would be up and there was a suggestion "for a while yet", that was the impression I got.

    A lovely scene, but rather dark:

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  • I shan't be able to monitor the cam from now on, as I'm packing up and the cam is unstable, I think efforts are being made to get it back on the nest and that will involve a new URL, probably.

    SYAL folks!

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    Well I cant get the webcam ? has it gone again ?


  • What a beautiful view, even without the sunshine. Thanks Scylla

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  • I can't find a new link, sorry Valerie

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  • That was a shock!  MrsG sitting on eggs

    There's no live stream at the mo, so that's me finished for the day

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  • Yep, a shock for me too. Was looking at scenery and chat column, went downstairs for a mo and came back up to find Mrs G sitting on eggs. So I'll go down and watch a recorded episode of Spooks. G'night Scylla and all
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    I had a skim thru the footage that I did capture today...

    Too low to attract ospreys, which is probably as intended