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    scylla said:
    That's all for this nest until "later" :)

    No peace!

    MrsG dashed from the tree to the nest - Aran had come back with some fish, and what a paltry offering it was - here under MrsG's talons:

    One of the juvies whom I can't ID is poking about the nest looking for foodies.

    Nightcam squirly, nightcam view but not mono yet......

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    It rained for a while around 21:00 onwards but not all night.

    First on the nest this morning:

    Heather did a tour:

    And here we are - ENS:

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  • Lovely tour , thank you Scylla and Heather and cheeky young ravens foraging for scraps
  • I'm in the midst of doing a catchup post but have opened a new tab to report that I'm seeing the back view of an unfamiliar-looking osprey on the nest, it has a fish and has been looking upwards warily.

    It could well be one of ours but looks so "different" from this angle, I'll include it in the catchup post :)

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  • Ah, it's 99% MrsG, she's defending mildly now 'n then.

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    It's Mrs G, scylla. She's been feeding on the nest for quite a while.
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    Cirrus said:
    cheeky young ravens foraging

    I hear you, CIRRUS

    Eventually the Ravens brought in Aran to the perch - arrived 06:29, departed 06:44:

    Highlighting the web:

    07:52 KC2 paid a short visit.

    08:00 Whole fish - this is the best combo of blur/clear - fish and ring number are medium-clear - KC2 was on it like a shot!

    KC4 was too late - it looked as tho she flew to the nest to drive off corvids at this point, then she flew off @ 08:11:

    MrsG for a minute or so:

    Then off for a preen in a Rowan(?) tree:

    Change of scenery for her:

    Off she flew again, what a fidget!

    Disrespectful, I know, but this is how it was: we went from a flexing osprey to a pooping one via the little bird (female Pied Flycatcher again? or who?).  It was only captured close-up for a mo:

    It wasn't KC4, because was on the nest, then to the perch, back to nest for a sit-down:

    MrsG landed, she was unwelcome due to being fishless:

    Then there was a little blackage and when the picture recovered she was flying off. 

    Aran brought a flounder which KC4 got, MrsG arrived at the same time:

    KC3 arrived and waited too:

    KC3 flew when no joy, then someone caught KC4's eye but MrsG was unaffected:

    Until a bit later:

    Aran brought another fish, flounder difficult to see, which MrsG got, and after a while KC3 came, waited again, eventually took over MrsG's fish and MrsG took over KC4's.  MrsG was left alone on the nest with KC4's fish underfoot and KC3's on the side of the nest.  She was fending off corvids when I remarked above about an unfamiliar bird, it wasn't this view I was looking at :)

    MrsG is still on the nest and a corvid is defying her on the perch, it almost looks frozen.

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  • No doubt who this is


    C BGGW

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    I got the impression s/he had an itchy ear:

    Glaslyn has such lovely trees :-*

    Some of them have special leaves on their otherwise bare branches

    It looks as tho one was flying off with a fish, but it didn't appear on the nest:

    Two again later, in better light - the upper has to be MrsG and the lower flew off again with fish after this snap, so that's probably Aran who's been waiting to see a juve to give it to:

    And sure enough, when we get to the nest Aran has already dropped off a flounder to KC2:

    KC2 flew with the flounder immediately, leaving KC3 waiting on the nest, he sat down:

    KC4 was on the perch but too glary:

    Birds in the sky:

    Insects in the web:

    KC4 waiting not-so-patiently?

    Something's up!

    Yes, KC3's got a fish:

    KC4 pretended not to mind:

    There was a flyby-flyabout, ending with Aran having delivered a fish on the nest to KC4 - he could do with a meal himself!

    KC2 hung about for a while, then both she and KC3 (who'd been on the perch) flew off, leaving KC4 with a good fish:

    It looked as tho KC4 finished the fish, then she picked over the nest for a while and flew off @ 19:07.

    Just now a juvie flew in to the perch, I can't see who it is.....

    But whoever it is is now on the nest.


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