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Blogs and videos to the season so far:

Mrs G returned 21st March, 10:36 > mrs-g-returns

Aran returned 3rd April, 12:08 > aran-returns

First egg laid 13th April, 12:08 > mrs-g-lays-first-egg-of-2020

Second egg laid 16th April, 18:17 > mrs-g-lays-second-egg-of-2020

Third egg laid 19th April, 19:01 > mrs-g-lays-3rd-egg-2020

First hatch 20th May, 10:52 > first-2020-chick-hatches

Second hatch 21st May, 17:59 > second-glaslyn-chick-of-2020-hatches

Third hatch 24th May, 12:52 > third-chick-hatches-on-glaslyn-nest

Chicks ringed 24th June > glaslyn-chicks-are-ringed

KC2 fledged 9th July, 14:48 aged 50 days > kc2-has-fledged

KC3 fledged 14th July, 9:36 aged 54 days > kc3-fledges

KC4 fledged 19th July, 18:44 aged 56 days > kc4-fledges


The three juveniles are thriving under Mrs G and Aran's continued care, proving once again what formidable parents they are. Long may the season continue to be be hassle-free as it nears the time for migration

  • Scylla, I hope you don't mind, but I used your 31st July super snap of the three juveniles -  each with their own fish supper - in the OP 

  • Thanks for the new thread, Sandra. Fingers crossed that you and everyone else who posts new threads are spared being wrongly locked out which seems to have happened to Birdie Num Num. Hope she is back with us soon and her threads and posts can be restored!

    Kind regards, 


  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    You're welcome Ann.

    I hope Birdie is reinstated back here ASAP too!

  • Thanks so much, SANDRA :-*  I had plans for the new thread (nothing spectacular and not as informative as your new post above) but they were all in my head and it would have taken a-g-e-s for me to cobble them together... I had thought I could use BIRDIE's start to last month as a base, but the extent of her and our predicament has since emerged :(((  I've got a very sinking feeling about it.

    There's about a third of a large fish on the nest, it may tide someone over in the morning:

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    A pleasure, Scylla! :)
  • Thank You Sandra for starting the thread and for this wonderful opening post.     

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  • In reply to MaryGK:

    Good morning!

    KC3 took the leftover fish @ 05:41:

    KC2 and KC4 turned up and waited, and when Heather refocused the cam KC3 was eating on the perch:

    At 06:05 Aran brought the first FLOUNDER of the day:

    A biggie - I think KC4 got it:

    MrsG arrived 06:08?  She flew off @ 06:20:

    A corvid just landed on the perch between KC3 and the nest, didn't stay long.


    Well I don't know what gone wrong with the site this first of the month - but there's nothing wrong with it !!!

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • Don't speak too soon SCYLLA

    I think its KC4 who has fish now and Mrs G waiting patiently I hope there will be some left for her

    Something does appear to be wrong I posted pics to go with this text but they are not there and when I go back to RF and post SCYLLA@s post then disappears

    Will try again

    C BGGW

  • In reply to patily:

    patily said:
    Don't speak too soon

    So far, so good

    A few minutes ago there was a lovely little bird on 'n off the fence sticks, Heather got us a nice close-up view: