• Aran is feeding one of the chicks, and there is a flounder on the nest with no takers


     EJ's Photo Thread    Balgavies Loch Ospreys 2020

  • Mrs G feeding one youngster, watched by another and third pottering There is a spare flounder at the back of the nest
  • First Mrs G and then KC2 arrived back home as they had spotted Aran with a late lunch He delivers and flies off immediately Mrs G has the fish so, presuably, a feed will ensue but I have to go
  • Sadly, Glaslyn VC won't be able to open safety this season.   It was in Welsh and I Google translated, but I don't know which version will show.  I imagine the team will be gutted, but their safety and that of visitors will be paramount.  Thank goodness for the webcam!

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • There was a chick on either end of a Garfish, tugging away - one won, then a third pitched in but half-heartedly. Now the original 2 are in competition again. Not a brilliant view tho.

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  • KC2 away from home Her siblings snuggled down Adult on perchProbably Mrs G
  • KC3 has fledged. Tried to hop to the perch, missed the landing and then had a good fly about!