Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 June 2020

  • OG - I would agree with closing the border, if there are cases cropping up. I imagine - knowing that area reasonably well - there is a lot of cross-border traffic with people working in England but living in Scotland and vice versa. I know my friends who live near Dumfries frequently shop in Carlisle - I did the journey with them by bus once, but vowed never to do it again! It's a pretty journey, but the buses are not made for comparatively long-distance travel! I doubt they're going over the border at the moment. I would have thought your Madam Leader would have done something about that area by now - she certainly seems to have her own thoughts on most things.
  • PatO closing the border seems a bit strange when the government up here is allowing flights from Amsterdam ( full already) and Poland ( we have a large number of Poles up here) with no quarantine at all. All very well thought out ... not...
    Chilly 12 when I took the car for its pre service chat with the garage. My winter tyres are still on and as we are thinking of changing car next year I discussed leaving them on and putting new all year ones on later . It seems they are legal so will just have them swapped front to back for the time being.
    2 walks achieved and it’s a tad warmer but not a lot.
    Lindy I am probably the only one waiting a non urgent op that has said to leave it for a while.
  • Morning all:  It happened again! I typed a response but where is it?  :-(   

    Loved the weed quotes!  Thanks all for updates on surgery updates, indecisive spouses, ailing dogs (was Lulu okay when she left the shelter?), eagles 'friending' each other (too bad not male/female maybe?), new babies (nice idea to hire a local artist!) and meat deliveries....from undertaker?! Hmmm.  Not happy to read of cross-border contagion near OG!

    I had haircut yesterday - hurray!  Carpenter showed up on time with helper and was gone by 7:45 p.m.  We are short 3" of molding, but he'll sort that out next week.  Cable guy is coming this afternoon to activate outlet in bedroom where OH will park during new floor installation.   My job is to chase down cobwebs hiding in corners, behind pictures and bookcases and other such places before the painter starts Monday.  He's coming tomorrow to go over paint choice (white, white, or white?).

    Must check CNN now....  :-)

    Stay well all.

  • I think we can expect more infection as driving limits are changed and the amount of holidaymakers increases as it no doubt will over the next few weeks.

  • I am still wondering whether I will get into Scotland this year ... want to visit friends near Perth and Dumfries, and then across to Mull. Will anything be open? Who knows? It may have to be next year, but I am definitely suffering withdrawal symptoms, having not be up last year either.

    Here we are, 01 July, and my heating has come on for the last two mornings. Crazy weather.
  • Wrote a reply on my tablet at lunchtime, but it wouldn't post, so Annette the site is playing up again. Now forgotten what I wrote about.

    Sue says that the vet had a name for the condition the dog has, but she didn't say much about any "cure" for it: I suspect that it would be some operation which would run into thousands of pounds. He agreed that it could cause the dog problems in old age, such as arthritis, but that for the moment she will be fine with it as she manages to walk OK. She was born with it so has never known any different. Of course, we were not surprised to hear that the Dog Rescue place is not forthcoming about their paying for anything!

    It has caused much angst here, with my OH actually shouting at me this morning, he got so wound up about it. We would not have gone into the situation ourselves, so it's very frustrating. However, we've decided that as its akin to your child bringing home some unsuitable mate, you have to swallow your words and just accept the situation. It's not that we don't feel sympathy for the dog but Sue has not had an easy life and we hate seeing her bring herself more trouble.

  • Pic of Lulu -- her right front leg is more like a flipper and she doesn't walk on it at the right angle. 

  • PatO I can’t see you won’t be able to get plans underway..
    Everything is opening and the border won’t close. I live near 2 airports with foreign flights coming in with not one passenger going into quarantine . So I will carry on as I have which is not going into a shop so haircut will be a nervous day. Taking dogs walking where no one else is around . I don’t have to worry about OH as he hates shops with a passion.
    Youngest is taking a Covid test next Wednesday . Result in 18 hours and she will work from home till she drives up.
  • You'll be fine in hairdressers, WENDY. Masked and gelled:-) Of course, I don't know your health status but it seems as if you have been very careful and aware.
    I have continued to go shopping, less frequently than usual but following Scot Gov guidelines for the golden oldies. I'm more concerned about two of my daughters than about myself. Eldest daughter had congenital heart disease, operated on when she was six. Now 47 and back at work in a children's nursery with no social distancing. Middle daughter is asthmatic and back at work cleaning primary schools....
    LINDY - I had a go at googling about Lulus leg. If she's walking OK then maybe OK for the time being? OHs niece is married to a local vet, if I see them anytime soon I'll ask him to explain it to me in plain English!!
  • Heather no health issues at all but I have shopped online for years so have just used it to enth degree. Delivery savers with Tesco etc is cheaper than doing a 50 mile round trip. Youngest had always had my longevity paramount after losing her Dad when she was 9..
    I can understand your concern about your girls but as region we have done well. Not like the poor people evicted from hospitals due to bed blocking into private homes with no testing. Deplorable lack of care by our government .
    Oh I could supply you all with the PPE youngest had sent me. I am the only one that fills up with fuel at the the self service with gloves and gel my card when I get in the car.