Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 June 2020


I hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and happy week plus a wonderful July!!!

And somebody make it stop raining! I've had 5 inches of rain today. No kidding!

  • Diane:  Thank you and hope you enjoyed your meal.

    Wendyb: I'm not sure if there'll be a discount for no shampoo/drying but I wont worry too much - the poor woman lost all her income for almost three months.

    A nice and productive day here (but don't ask me what I did!).

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

  • DIANE – Thank you for giving us another week. I’m not hungry; just had lunch - salad roll (homemade) followed by fruit bun (Sunday treat). Please send rain here (but not tomorrow as lawn man is due).

    ANNETTE – I don’t like being confined on a plane in normal times, and certainly not now when airlines seem to think they can ignore social distancing. Your sister doesn’t need any extra problems you could bring. Please stay home and safe.

    To OTHERS’ comments, so many idiots or ignorant people think they won’t catch the virus. Even top tennis players who should be role models, behave stupidly. Most of our states now only have new cases from those expats returning home on mercy flights and becoming sick in quarantine. However in VIC the virus is increasing again. Some are refusing to be tested!!! NSW is adding extra 10 days to quarantine if they refuse. VIC has a serious problem, ten days ago 16 new cases, it crept up to 30, yesterday 49. These numbers are low compared to UK & US but we have a small population. The “young” people are going to work, are partying and disregarding restrictions. They may only have mild symptoms but what about those they spread to? Rant over.

    It was chilly this morn, 3.5 C at 7.30 am. Many clothing layers for church. After the service with smallish congregation, we learnt that new regulations will allow up to 200 next week, provided we keep to 2 sq metre rule. It will seem as it used to be. Afterwards I took my camera into city to capture some old buildings a bit too far from each other for me to walk, in one session anyway. I passed through some addiction areas. Yes, a lot of people were sitting out in the sun with their favourite fix – coffee! As I drove past Victoria Park (open space), it was busy with walkers, joggers, cyclists. Plenty of room for all. I got my exercise getting in and out of car 9, or was it 10, times.

  • Just a thought

    Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine. (Lord Byron)

  • Good Morning & Thank You to Diane for starting us off: seems like about 3 days since last Sunday.

    Glad you got out & about, AQ.

    I had a broken night, so am weary before I even start on today. Ugh.
  • Ditto on the broken night. Woke at 4 couldn’t settle so made a coffee and watched the wind blowing the bamboos and listened to the raucous fly byes off the Oyster Catchers . Cat napped from 7 till 8.15 when Duke unusually asked to go out. It will be a long day Dry but rain predicted.
    Annette our hairdressers have faired better as companies have been helped by the government and staff furloughed on 80% pay. All of which we will have to pay for at a later date.
    Plans here very much weather dependant .
    Have a good Sunday whatever you are up to.
  • Pouring with rain here but not as bad as what DIANE
  • Goodness knows what I did there!
    Anyway, thank you DIANE for starting the week. I hope that your early morning shop was successful. Any word about the cocoon?
    Youngest family are coming here for lunch today, roast lamb.
    I will catch up at some point...
  • Hairdresser phoned me, I have a masked appointment on 21st July. Strangely, my daughters are telling me that I shouldn't go too short, they think that the slightly longer look suits me. Hah! I don't care what I look like, tidy is everything....
  • Ha! Heather!

    Enjoy your family visit.

  • View from my sunlounger 2 days ago.