Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 June 2020

  • OG Belated Happy Birthday to J
  • Thank you, all, for your news and chat!
    The roast lamb dinner with youngest family went very well ( Sunday) Son in law insisted on doing all the prepping, cooking and serving. Daughter and I sat in the conservatory and the girls watched a movie in the sitting room. Eldest daughter and family arrived for a socially distanced visit outside and so three cousins could chat for the first time, almost face to face!
    I had thought that after a busy few days that sleep would come easily on Sunday night but no such luck. I was almost screaming with frustration, anxiety etc. So yesterday not up for much at all. Anyway, last night I slept for ten, yes ten, hours. Unheard of but desperately needed!!
    I'm glad that J had a good birthday, OG. The meal sounded delicious but sorry that it had a bad effect on the now 41 year old....
    LINDY - I was sorry to read about Lulu and her bad leg. I don't know much about pet insurance but would imagine that the premium would have to take a pre existing condition into account?
    WENDY - I chuckled when I read about the walk over the bridge... Glad that you are feeling better.
    DIANE - what a relief for you when the authorities did work that removed another worry from your mind. Take care...
    PAT - I agree about the conflict of economy and finance and health and safety. I fear that the working generation will end up paying for all this for many years to come. Perhaps all of us will as local taxes will inevitably rise and our pensions will be affected. Those of us with no mortgage will be spared some worry but won't escape totally ?
    Middle daughter phoning, I'll try and finish catch up later

  • HARELADY - great that you could enjoy time with your daughter and granddaughters. Wonderful for you!
    AQ,- I wonder if your OH did in fact end up going out for lunch. What sort of food does he eat when out? Is it much different from what he would eat at home?
    I like to think that the GD is finished but not from what you say. It was maybe a site visit by the architect or his/ her rep.
    ANNETTE - I've been listening to the reports regarding Covid-19 in California, Arizona and Florida. Think I heard that more under 40s are being diagnosed? As for the great sunbed in the sky - I'd not put any bets on it being occupied very soon. He's so very full of himself. I saw him the other day, pointing out the row of journalists in the speaking venue. Then, sotto voce, ' Fake news, fake news' and not quite managing to hide his smile. Grrr! I'd better shut up.

  • Cupboard is empty! Will definitely be useful whenever kitchen is replaced, but doubt it will stay empty till whenever! Now got two boxes sitting in study - one has paper and accessories to offer to Girls' Brigade, other has a die-cutter/embosser to hopefully sell - even if only for a fiver. We moved a few keepers to the study too (general stationary items) so did a move around there and have one half-empty shelf!

    J ate a slightly reduced lunch, but seems okay now..
  • Glad that J is better OG. A pity after enjoying one of his favourite meals.
  • OG:  Sorry J's birthday dinner proved too exciting, but good he's doing better.

    Heather: You'd think that someone with so much venom in his heart would have imploded by now....

    Carpenter is coming by to drop off materials - but not able to start work until his day job ends at 4:30!   :-(   He says he should be done by 8....  

  • Forgot to mention - we have a young Robin visiting - here yesterday and again today. We have also had frequent visits from what appears to be a Racing Pigeon - been around since last Thursday!
  • Seem to be losing track of whats going on here... glad everyone seems to be OK. Heather, it was a nice family visit, by the sound of it. I had a bad night the other night, too, and then the next night was totally exhausted and slept for hours! So you're not the only one.

    Someone on our local internet seems to have been feeding a racing pigeon for a few days, poor thing is probably tired out.

    Felt low yesterday and again this morning. Have had Sue on my mind, as she insisted in taking the dog home when she got to the shelter, having seen the animal on a website. She then went there with her son to look at it, and he did not dissuade her from taking it home with her - my OH is now cross, as he said "If I'd been there, I would have talked her out of it!" We went around in the damp weather to see the dog ourselves, and sat in her garden just for fifteen minutes. I took some photos. Its obvious right away that there is something seriously not right about her right front leg but we did not fuss about it, except to ask if she was going to insist that the Dogs Home took responsibility and paid for any operations etc.

    Today, she confessed that now she's had her for a couple of days, she loves her and can't imagine taking her back again. She has emailed the Dogs Rescue Home and asked if there is any chance of them doing something, or else asking for a sponsorship from a member of the public to pay for things - she says that this happens occasionally. I think she is clutching at straws and is already determined that she will keep the dog whatever. Its been frustrating and depressing to think that she will have brought this upon herself. < sigh >

    Today I decided to stick a nice big number "1" on a home made card for my granddaughter which I found the other day and decided would be nice for her birthday next week. I have spent at least three quarters of an hour looking for it, as I can't remember where I put it. I may have to buy one tomorrow instead of giving her a home made one this time. Boo.
  • Feeling virtuous ..
    Phone call from Dr Grays hospital in Elgin re appointment I deferred a week before lockdown . I have severe trigger finger in both middle fingers . Both with lumps in my palm and when they lock I can’t click them back I have to do it manually . Would I like a video call with the specialist . I said maybe not as this is not a life threatening or painful issue and there must be orthapedic patients out there with much more pressing issues . They seemed delighted with the response . I did say to the lady caller that my response to my hairdresser was totally different which made her chuckle .
  • Lindy the rescue that Duke came from is willing to help adopted dogs as when you adopt they don’t relinquish care and control . It’s a get out clause if they think things aren’t working out so you never know so fingers crossed.