Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 June 2020

  • We’ll eldest regularly walks across bridge and up the hill
    on a very scenic walk..
    Must alert the authorities :-)

    She regularly shops in Monmouth as they have a Waitrose and an M and S foodhall..:-)

  • Another cold morning. Fingers on keyboard frozen! Grand Design visit on Saturday was only an inspection. Today they have been removing the last of the scaffolding. Um, excuse me, I can see unfinished work. . .
  • A child enters your home and for the next twenty years makes so much noise you can hardly stand it.
    The child departs, leaving the house so silent you think you are going mad. (John Andrew Holmes)

    Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

    A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.

    When I asked my parents what’s it like to have such an awesome kid, they told me to ask my grandparents.

  • Good Morning. Very damp & rainy here again. Its either unbearably hot, or its flood weather, it seems!

    My OH has been waiting for a break in the rain to take the dog out. Might do some cupboard clearing today, feel like achieving something.

  • Wet, wet, and more wet! Windy with it. Slept better last night – only up once, at 3:00am, then just before 7. J’s birthday today – so all three in this house having lockdown birthdays this year. He’s 41, our “baby” – I feel old.

    ANNETTE – don’t know when kitchen might get done, although we aren’t planning big changes. We already did the exercise of changing doors and drawer fronts etc keeping the original carcases, and this time it is just worn out, but the overall shape has suited us well.

    LINDA – love Rosie’s yoghourt face! Good luck with cupboards (and flinging?)

    WENDY – sorry you had a bad day Sunday; I hope you are your usual bright self today. Our shed also needs some TLC, on the side facing the worst wind coming up the Solway. Man who was to do some painting for us has emerged from isolating with his wife and will be coming when the weather gets better.

    PAT – living on the border can be difficult – young woman opposite works in Carlisle and dread to think what she might bring home!

    AQ – sorry about cold fingers. It’s not exactly steaming here now after our second heatwave of the year. Good parenting jokes/thoughts again.

    I have made another decision – definitely going to stop pretending I am actually making cards etc, so will clear out the craft cupboard and try to give stuff away. Starting NOW!
  • OG yes I slept really well last night and slept through first offering of coffee in bed. Life’s easier as I have tweeked their food slightly and it seems to suit them both. So Daisy eats later than she did Duke eats earlier and for the first time in over 2 years they have synchronised breakfast. All due to bug they picked up a month ago and I added some things that are more digestible to the elderly. I am convinced they caught from all the 2nd home owners that descended on us and because they have 2 homes can’t afford the vaccinations :-)))) Call me an old sceptic:-(
    Lovely sunshine after early rain and the garden looks delighted after a soaking . Looking good to put my washing out.
  • I go to a largish hairdressing salon. I have been going to Suzanne for 19 years and seen her through divorce remarriage and a baby at 42. The salon is taking bookings by phone from Thursday so a bit of free for all. So how delighted was I when the phone rang and it was her. She is part time so even harder to get appointments. I was her first call and I will be her first client . A salon that has 12 chairs will be reduced to 5. She went through all the guidelines . They open on a Wednesday but she doesn’t work until the Monday so teething problems should be sorted...
    Happy happy day !!!!
  • Hi, all. 

    This is the suspension bridge at the big state park just down the road from me. And that's a very flooded and incredibly muddy creek, which is the main tributary between me and the Wabash River.

    Despite the flooding and the fact that we are predicted to get even more rain through Wednesday, the state of Indiana has opened up all the trails for hiking at both my near-by state parks.

    Those rugged canyon trails will be mighty dangerous with all that fast-flowing flood water! The state parks will be full to maximum this week for the July 4th holiday. People (especially tourists who don't live in this area) will get hurt on the treacherous trails, rescue/medical crews will be called out from my small town and beyond, and Covid-19 will spread through four counties.

    I swear the United States has lost all common sense.

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    I changed the link above, so if you had trouble seeing the site, try again.
  • Diane - that looks like a place to keep away from for the time being. Madness to open trails, where inexperienced walkers will travel on a holiday weekend, without proper gear and knowledge - a recipe for disaster. They still have time to change their minds - do you think they will? Your country and ours have gone mad with trying to get everything open at once. It's safety and lives versus politics and economics, and they've got them in the wrong order. They are opening all our pubs on a Saturday, and there will be some which will open on the stroke of midnight on Friday. Another recipe for disaster, pulling police and other emergency services away from what should be their main focus. All common sense seems to have evaporated on both sides of the Pond.