Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 May 2024


I haven't been outdoors this week, so I don't have any wildlife/nature stories to impart. I'll just wish you all the best possible week!

The new moon is Tuesday night in the UK/US.

Love and hugs to all!

  • Thank you Diane.  Take care of yourself!

  • Thank you Diane. I am worried as to why you have not been outside. Is it the weather or are you still not feeling well? I do hope it is the latter. 
    I am going golfing today. My first 18 holes of the season due to the weather, and other things. I hope I have the energy to get all the way round especially as it is quite warm and sunny. The suntan cream has come out!!!! 

  • What fun this morning.  I put Bensons beddings outside to air and I was hardly back indoors before the blue tits were pecking away getting hair for their nests.. We have just returned from a 2 day break in Pitlochry.  We stayed at The Green Park Hotel for the first time and were very impressed, so much so that we have booked again  for 2 months time.  Our original favourite is having a bedroom renovation over the summer so we are pleased to have found somewhere else.  We couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather and on Thursday we sat outside in the hotel garden enjoying temps of 20-22 degrees.  The hotel in on the banks of Loch Fiscally so we had the most amazing views from both our bedroom and the dining room, what bliss.

  • dibnlib (and other friends in Scotland) - A friend of mine is in Scotland at the moment fulfilling a long-held dream.  Some years ago he came across a notebook he wrote as a twelve-year old with an early wish to walk from Fort William to Cape Wrath - 169 miles, it says, by road, but his route is a little more than that.  He has been planning it for some years, is walking alone with a small tent on his back, and hopes to complete the walk in three weeks.  He started two weeks ago and I haven't heard from his wife yet - she is staying at home and tracking his every step ... as long as the technology works!  I don't think the weather has been brilliant for him and I am really looking forward to hearing about it when I next see him.  Sounds as though the lovely weather you had last week would have been great - but of course he's much further north than Pitlochry.

    Diane - Hope everything is OK, and that your pneumonia is not hanging around.  Not like you to stay indoors for an extended time.

    Hope everyone is well, and coming with health problems, exploding hoovers and the first full round of golf of the season!

  • I wasn't well last weekend and whatever affected me stayed around through to this weekend - probably because I was still weakened by the previous issues.  Feeling much better now and went to church this morning  I won't try to read far back now but will keep plodding forward!

    DIANE - sorry you have been confined indoors - I hope your neighbours have been able to keep you supplied and that you are feeling better now.

    ROSY - sorry about your husband's hip - I hope he is mending and will soon be out of hospital.

    DIBNLIB - glad you were well pleased with the new hotel!

  • News!!! I WON at golf!!! Quite amazing really considering I sent my ball into the river and ended up with a very high score on that hole!!! Because the course has been so wet all winter, the conditions are still very difficult. 
    Will reply to all your comments tomorrow.

  • Well played, Rusty!!!  What an excellent start to the new season.  Looking forward to hearing about a handicap cut any time now ...

  • Pat - I don’t think there will be any handicap reductions. I won with an embarrassingly high score!!!! 

  • Thank you Diane. I hope you'll feel stronger soon. Take care x

    Rusty: Wow! What a thrill. You must be very pleased. Well done!

    OG: Sorry you've had another bad patch, but great that you're much improved. Glad you made it to church.

    Dibnlib: How lovely to find a new place to stay. I don't blame you for rebooking. Perhaps you'll be lucky with the weather again! I hope so.

    It's been glorious weather here, really sunny but a bit chilly in the wind. Our d. In law has been running in a half marathon in Birmingham, for charity.  She was pleased to finish, as she's never done anything like that before, and managed it in 3 hours 25 minutes. We're all really proud of her.