• Morning all:  Well, I posted a response to AQ last night but apparently it's still out there somewhere.  :-(    Anyway...

    There was a glorious full moon last night. It rose huge and orange and low in the southern sky

    AQ: What I was saying was that I'm not sure about your third saying.  I've been worried about the same thing for four years now.  Clue:  It's loud, rude, crude and bright orange.

    Heather:  I say a smart TV is only as smart as its owner (note that we don't have one; don't want to feel even more clueless).  :-)

    Lindybird:  My niece often has tales about her dog rolling in unseemly piles of stuff.  Obviously a evolutionary benefit there.....somewhere, for some reason.

    Talking of evolutionary benefits - or not - I was out walking this morning and listened to a podcast about breathing; specifically the benefits of breathing through the nose vs. the mouth and how breathing in stimulates the sympathetic nervous system while breathing out stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system - hence the role 'correct' breathing plays in sleep/anxiety problems and overall health.  One other point the reporter mentioned was how our skulls have changed over time.  So you can look at skulls from thousands and tens of thousands of years back and see little change until comparatively recently,  Apparently, earlier skulls always had straight teeth, but that changed when when our eating habits changed - we stopped having to chew food as much (we cooked food), so our jaws aren't as wide (no need for huge muscles) and our teeth, especially over the last 400 years, have become crowded.  Also, as our brains grew they took real estate from the fronts of our faces, gobbling up space (my words)  including from our noses, etc..  This is a very simplistic rendition of his report, but he likened 'best' breathing to rowing a boat with short sharp strokes as opposed to long smooth strokes, with the latter delivering us to our destination much more efficiently.  So next time you're out rowing....

    I went off to one of the demonstrations yesterday.  It was a bit odd in that we have a tiny black population in Santa Barbara so 90% of those present were white or Hispanic.  It was very peaceful; everyone wore masks.  I think one reason why these latest protests are so diversified is that we're all sick to death of Trump spewing hate and the other is the we're all utterly appalled at the depressing frequency of events similar to what happened in Minneapolis where (in so many cases) the police have been exonerated of any wrongdoing.  Anyway....I really think we might be at a turning point here...

    Today I'm not doing much. Looking forward to getting on the road next Thursday.  Our neighbors include a group of students, one of which is done with his undergraduate work here and is heading back home in Santa Fe, New Mexico (a wonderful city in a magical state - sigh).  He just landed a summer job with New Mexico Wild near Taos.  I'm soooo jealous.   :-)

    Take care everyone.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Hi all.
    Thanks for starting us off on a new week. Seems to fly by even though we are virtual lockdown.. Mind you some restrictions are being lifted but oh dear, whilst I have empathy re the demonstrations it makes me angry that people are flouting the advice given. Just think, if there are people amongst the demonstraters that have Corvid 19 and pass it on, how many more will be infected. Do hope that as a result of these demos there isn't a second wave.

    AQ - love the quotes you put on. So true with most of them.

    Now the weather has gone cooler even the CH hss kicked in. Miserable again but let's hope it improves throughout the week.

    HeatherB - we also have weeds in our lawns - mind you we have a bloke who comes now and mows them every 3 weeks so they are kept down.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette - do hope some good comes out of the demonstrations but not violent ones. Violence breeds violence and never did get anyone anywhere.. I'm full of empathy with why they are demonstrating. The police must be brought to justice and also in the case of the 65 year old man knocked down and left to suffer on the floor.

    Have a good week all.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • I am late “clocking in” today, busy all morning. I could not get to sleep last night, at 1.30 am I tried the camomile & reading cure. I think I was asleep by 2, but I slept in until 8. Another freezy morning – I missed the minimum of 1.1 C at 6 am. I made soup for lunch. I could not get my usual bacon bones and was sold a hock. It looked as if there was enough meat for 2 batches but half was gristle. OH saw the potatoes waiting on the bench and asked if they were to be thrown out! No, they are Kestrels with purple eyes that’s why they look different. Grown locally. Soup was yummy and enough left for 3 more meals.

    HEATHER, LINDA – The owner who knocked down the previous house had it as an investment. We don’t whether they intend to move in or are building the Grand Design for renting. We are 1 km from the beach and about 10 km from city centre, so could be a good asset for them.

    ANNETTE – I was hoping the third quote would apply to covid. All these demonstrations across the world (even in our city) - a good cause but please no further virus spreading from the close contacts.

  • Just a thought "

    Co-operation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway.

  • Good Morning. Dry here but very misty grey skies. Will wash some of my OHs grubby trousers & shorts, which he wears around the garden and allotment. Thank goodness he has had some things to occupy him at this time, or I think he would get bored. Speaking of getting to sleep, he is finding it increasingly hard to sleep much past 6.00am, and is now often getting up early and going downstairs to read. I tell him that it's common not to be able to sleep in large chunks of time, once you're ageing. He does at least have a half hour snooze after lunch, to catch up.

  • Good Lord. Where is everybody?

    AQ: No hugging or hi-five-in or fist bumps at our gathering. I was awake until 1 last night too; slept 'til 5:30 (my usual wake up time) so I see a nap in my immediate future.

    Diane:  How did the graduation go?  Any update on the cocoon?

  • Bumping us up. We were way behind.

    Nothing interesting to say. Yesterday on our morning walk, OH and I bumped into two sets of friends. One couple were returning from the direction we were going, and the others had just set out. We walked to the park together, obviously observing present regulations. It was good to have a natter.

    We could have a competition about which of us can say the most boring things! Not that I find what others say boring - just my own.

    I see Annette has just posted while I was writing this.
  • Rosy: "What have you folks been up to lately?" has an all-too predictable response these days. :-))
  • Not had time to come on and ramble away as usual: mostly boring things, plus helped my OH to get out the electric clipper and take the top off an Acer tree in the garden, which grieves me as I do like to let trees do their own thing, but it was getting way too big.

    We have several acers and they are all different types, and all came here as small trees in small pots, but in spite of being supposedly "slow growing" they seem to want to take over the garden.