• In reply to Sandra :

    21:13 Four very sleepy youngsters


  • In reply to Sandra :

    Just thought I'd check on the youngsters... good grief!

    22:06 Three on the nest - 2 were helicoptering! Unable to read the ring numbers

    22:09 The one that was on the left landed over on the right side, looking over the nest

    22:14 It moved back over to the left. Settling down


    It does still appear to be quite light


  • In reply to Sandra :

    22:50 Three youngsters asleep. Hopefully the 4th will be back on the nest in the morning


  • Morning All and thanks for the updates.

    080 is 55 days old
    081 is 53 days old
    082 is 51 days old
    083 is 48 days old
  • 04:50   082 has been flapping

    04:51   082 flies off

    04:57   his siblings watch him fly around

    05:02   Maya has arrived and now 082 approaches the nest 

    05:02  and lands perfectly

     © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • 082 has flown again enjoying his new found freedom

    080 stands blocking the rising sun as it glare now casts upon the nest.

    080 then flies off leaving 081 and 083 resting

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • I wrote this message a while ago and couldn't post as it said I had gone offline, whiich wasn't true as I went to another site with no problem

    I remarked that I loved seeing the youngsters all together and that once again Maya and 33 has done an amazing job raising 4 healthy gorgeous offspring
  • 033 was on the nest for a bit moving sticks around and has flown.

    082 is on/off the nest teasing 081 who has been flapping his wings and great helicoptering.  At one point I thought he was away!

    Video of 081 Helicoptering