Poole Harbour Osprey Project MAY to end of 2020 season

  • A lovely jGreen Woodpecker. It has a laughing type call
  • Still plenty of migrant ospreys passing through Poole Harbour. I had five sightings this morning over Wareham Channel. This one flew near me with a tiny fish, held the wrong way round. There is a ring (metal?) on the right leg. Click on the photo for better quality.

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    It opens smaller for me, don't know if it's Firefox's fault.  Here it's cropped and 700px wide:

    Definitely a ring.

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    A holding snap - pottering on the nest for 10 minutes @ 08:00 this morning.

    Merlin (I claim): EDIT - wrongly, as it turns out.  But the Hobby I checked looked too pale to be this bird.

    I'm packing up now, SYAL :)


    EDIT (I'm doing this in my sleep, I'll have you know!)

    Unedited 10-minute video of HOBBY on the nest: