Poole Harbour Ospreys and Relocation 2020

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    Richard B

  • Probably best not to speculate anyway as the site is supposed to be 'secret'.

    Great video, scylla! I thought I could hear one or two little squeaks from her just before laying.

  • Tony
    At the moment Birds of Poole Harbour want to keep the location quiet, and knowing where the lights are would mean it would be quite easy to work out the nest location.

    Richard B

  • I have to agree with Alison and Richard. It might be safer to just remove the question Tony?

    EDIT:- Thank you Tony. Despite the problems this morning!!!! (1/5/) I have managed to acknowledge your change.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Thanks, everyone, for the pics and posts. Awwww, poor CJ7, she is soooo ready to be a Mum!

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  • This was CJ7 this morning when she returned to her egg - some puzzlement?