Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 March 2020

  • Lovely story of the cat, dibnlib. Wish I could have him- -- I do so miss having a cat around the house.

    Heather, I've got my fingers crossed that everything will work out for your son. He sounds a sensible chap (must take after his mother....)

    We've been busy and my OH has cut down last year's buddlhea bush (spelling?) and trimmed the lawn edges. He planted some green beans in pots for transferring straight into the ground later on. I did more laundry (where does it all come from?) and sorted stuff out which has to be tidied away ready for another holiday, sometime. Then instead of attacking my ironing pile, I fell asleep in the conservatory and slept for over an hour, I suppose I needed it.

    Our children are asking what my OH would like for his birthday on Sunday, so they can post it. Mostly he names books he'd like, as since we retired he reads much more than before. Thank goodness for the internet, where you can send people items direct. I will be sending small toys to our grandchildren instead of chocolate, for Easter, as they get far too much chocolate anyway.

  • Quiet day here as weather rubbish so dogs hibernated..
    Cancelled my dog walker friend ( although it’s his income). He walked up my road with a client ( not local) . Messaged him asking was the person a member of his family . So not and a conversation was had. Still friends and he is a tad humble.
  • I did not sleep well. I kept having strange dreams. One, I was on a bus trip going up a narrow road with no safety fence. Next there was a humungous hairy spider next to me. When I woke, put on the light, I realized I had been dreaming. Anyway a spider that size could only be in the Amazon jungle! OH rarely sleeps through the night, he gets up 2 or 3 am and sits at computer. Then dozes throughout the day.

    PAT – What a hoot, trying to replace veggies with coca cola. Perhaps the packer was so young that didn’t realize there some of us that don’t touch the stuff. A friend’s mother used to use it to clean burnt saucepans (not tried that myself)!

    Just a thought: As with most fine things, chocolate has its season. There is a simple memory aid that you can use to determine whether it is the correct time to order chocolate dishes: any month whose name contains the letter A, E, or U is the proper time for chocolate. (Sandra Boynton)

  • 'Our ' stretch of the river has become Swan Central. I counted 27 today. I think someone is feeding them nearby.
    They are such elegant birds.They are very active at the moment, taking off and landing again, and reversing down river with the tide.

    I had a very successful shop at my local M&S this week. There were three people at the door, and they only let the oldies in (between 8 and 9 am). The staff were very helpful, and one made sure that I had some eggs, as she remembered that I could not find any last week. It is not one of the bigger stores, but adequate provisions.

    I also hope things will eventually work out for you son, Heather. My son-in-law is in a somewhat similar position.
  • Love to watch swans coming in to land, Rosy!

    AQ - I had disturbing dreams, too. Plus my usual one of being out somewhere and unable to find a loo!!!!

    Chocolate has a special place. Mostly briefly in my hand, before it reaches my mouth. It has to be dark, though. We bought several large bars abroad as they were on special offer, in an "own brand" in their version of Tescos, called "Dinos" - yes, they have a logo with a cute dinosaur!! Ate one bar whilst there. Ate one on the home journey. Ate half of the last one tonight....

  • Hallo all:  Thanks for cheerful pix and nice stories about cats, etc.

    PatO: Glad they figured out that Coke not quite an appropriate sub for veggies.  

    Heather:  Do hope Boris will provide appropriate help for small businesses that could tide your son over...

    OG: Congrats on the garden chores!  How do you deal with greenfly?  I went after the aphids on Cecile Brunner this morning with the garden hose on 'jet.'  Thanks for the update on the other osprey nest (is there a cam for that?)  

    Lindybird:  What kind of books does your OH like?

    AQ: Thanks for the chocolate reminder!  I still have 'fun-sized' KitKats from - oh dear - Halloween at the bottom of the fridge....

    Donned my mask and gloves and ventured to stores for various items for me and OH plus recently widowed friend.  Supermarket had just one two-tub-packs of sanitizing wipes left on the shelf (snagged it to split with friend - like Christmas!) plus I picked up another box of those blue nitrile gloves.  Costco had no organic chicken (or any chicken), which was interesting even though I don't usually buy it there - but lots and lots of cheese.  Colored tape was on the floors everywhere to encourage social distancing, but there were no crowds.

    Take care all.

  • Good Morning. Sunny here again - it's cold but the brightness is a real bonus at this time. OH & Bonnie are out on their walk, nice and early whilst it's really quiet. He's been going twice a day when he can as mostly he meets no one out in the fields. His sister suggested that he wear a different coat, and put one on Bonnie, too, so that they look like someone else, LOL!!

    Annette, glad you managed to get some supplies. Are they treating us oldies as priority there the same as here? Some shops are doing special "over 70" hours, for instance. My OH likes thrillers with writers such as Vince Connelly, James Paterson, Lee Childs, etc. He swaps these with his sister & golfing friends. Since I discovered that The Big River Site sells slightly used books I've bought several of them for him online very cheaply. We both read the latest by Ben Elton on holiday, who is a comic writer and a very sharp observer of human nature and the modern trends - "Identity Crisis" very funny. I m reading autobiographies at present.

  • Love swans in flight,, an amazing sight and sound.

    Like the idea of changing coats and Bonnies as well so you can walk her twice a day. When the d/w finishes we will do our new routine and give Benson an extended walk in the woods and then onto the local shop. So lucky to have a small coop, butchers, chemist all open and within walking distance.
  • In reply to Pat O:

    Interesting substitute!!
  • Rosy, I had a message from M&S because I often shop there online, although only for clothes, towels etc. If only they ha d already set up their online food shop! They described how they were only letting in a few customers at a time, etc. We won't be going as now our nearest small shop has closed down for good, the others are all more than half an hour away.

    Still sunny here and my OH has trimmed the lawn, weeded all the paths and thrown lots into our green collection bin for tomorrow. I've done some hand washing and written more emails to friends.