Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 March 2020


I hope everyone has a good week and stays healthy. Sending you all protective energy!

  • Diane;  I just came on and posted "starting new thread" one minute after you!  I deleted it and here we are - thank you!

    A busy last day of last week - so check back everyone and - big news - Lindybird is back and OG reports that George is thriving.

    I'll catch up tomorrow.  Worked in the garden all afternoon, raking leaves from all year. I almost filled an entire huge green container with leaves and am just about to topple into bed....

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Sorry, Annette. I usually start the thread much earlier, but I was distracted about something else and it just now dawned on me that it's thread night.

  • Hey, folks. If any of you are social distancing and bored, you can check out these two sites:

    (1) JIGSAW PLANET  This site offers thousands of jigsaw puzzles that you can assemble online. They offer a wide variety of puzzle sizes (number of pieces) and formats (different types of pieces). It's free. I've used the site for years, and I've never had any trouble with malware or anything else. The software company is based in Europe, so I assume you can use it in the U.K. You can click on Settings at the bottom if you want to change the background color. 

    (2) CHESS.COM  You can play chess against a computer for free. There are 10 different levels (1 is easiest and 10 is most difficult). Click the little gear icon at the right to set your level. Also, click the little arrow at the top right, and then click the little gear icon to set your ideal piece style and board colors, etc. I recommend "3D Staunton" for the piece style, and you can choose whatever colors you like for the board. 

  • DIANE – Thank you and hope you stay safe. Thanks for the links, we shall just have to adjust to amusing ourselves in different ways.

    LINDA - Welcome home. Do you have to self-isolate for 2 weeks? A pain after the missed holiday and you must be “climbing the walls”.

    WENDY – Don’t feel guilty about your new hairdo, who knows when “normal” will return.

    OG – Thanks for news of GEORGE. Thank goodness for the internet.

    Some reports that couples in the elderlies shopping hour, taking 2 trolleys to beat limits on goods. Some went back a second time. One country town imposed proof-of-residence checks to prevent city people cleaning out country stores.

    On the other hand we have had reports of good deed groups forming. Some are preparing bags of basics for those trapped at home. Our church is organising a “phone tree” for loners to keep in touch. One day last week a lunch cafe offered free lunches for medicos & paramedics. A barista was making up small bags of coffee for those in self-isolation. Some people are going around depositing a toilet roll at front door of houses. Of course Food Bank volunteers are busy and asking for donations.

    A tour group of 18 Americans visiting the Barossa - yesterday 10 confirmed to have the virus. Rather a nice place to be stranded, methinks.

  • LYNETTE –Good that you could get to the funeral - but oh your poor head. How is it now?
  • LINDY - What good news to read, that you are back in the UK and will be making your way home soon.
  • LYNETTE - I bet that you could kick yourself - but maybe not (!).... so sorry about your nasty fall.

  • Lindy - Good to hear you and OH are safely back. I imagine you are very relieved.

    Lynette - So sorry to hear about your 'bump'. Hope everything will return to normal soon. On a lighter note - you can't even show off your multi-coloured eye! Take care.

    And everyone else … stay well and safe. This thread is going to be even more important for us to keep in touch over the next weeks and months. Let's share how we are feeling about the situation rather than bottling it all up. And let's share how well we are doing with any projects we are working on. Me? Reading two piles of magazines - finishing a rug I started about twenty years ago - completing a tapestry I started on my cruise last year - finding new recipes with limited food availability - setting up Skype so I can keep in touch with family. Enough to be going on with, I think!! I'm sure more projects will emerge in order to keep both my body and my brain active.
  • Haven't been on here for ages. Just hope you are all looking after yourselves. Take care
  • Lynette - Sorry about your 'little accident' So easily done. I hope you feel better soon.