Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 February 2020


I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I also hope everyone stays safe from the big UK storm.

  • Thank you Diane  and yes - what a spectacular moon it is.......

    OG: Well, so much for my idea about sleeping positions.......

    A good day in the garden; got to chat to neighbors.

    Have a good Sunday everyone; hope the UK folks aren't too badly hit by Ciara..

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette and anyone interested: 
    An Antares rocket carrying Cygnus cargo spacecraft will launch on Sunday taking supplies to the International Space Station. Launch is at 2:39 p.m. in California and at 10:39 p.m. in the U.K. Coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. in California and 10:00 p.m. in UK. Also, NASA is scheduled to launch a Solar Orbiter at 8:03 p.m. Sunday night in California and 4:03 a.m. in U.K. (You might want to double check my times, because it's late here and I've been working and I'm goofy. LOL!)


    WATCH HERE  or  WATCH HERE (official NASA TV YouTube)

  • Thanks Diane - I've got my iPhone set to remind me.....
  • Annette - yes you are right about Elly Griffiths - this is the pen name she writes the Crime series under - she also writes under her real name Domenica de Rosa.

    Reading back through my post - I think it looked like I was saying that she was a Forensic Archaeologist but it is her character Dr Ruth Galloway. Its not a one to one tea but an event in a local village hall near here and the tickets were very reasonable. However the weather is not good with strong winds and rain so I will have to see what its like this afternoon as the journey is on small roads and the possibility of trees down and flooding etc.

    This storm looks like it is affecting most of the country so stay safe all.

  • Harelady, I hope you are able to get to the literary event this afternoon. Sounds as though it will be a good and interesting time.

    I've got to leave in about half an hour to travel a mere fifteen miles. It's blowing a hoolie, raining hard, and there are many hundreds of trees between here and there! Hope they all stay where they are supposed to be, and not decide to fall down in front of me. There are times I wish I could stay at home and watch the weather from the comfort, warmth and safety of my window ...
  • Keep safe, Pat.

    Good Morning Everyone, and thanks to Diane for starting us off again.

    Quite wild and gusty winds, here, but it sounds worse elsewhere. My OH went out with the dog but came home in less than ten minutes as the skies had darkened and the drizzle turned to hard rain. We're going to find things to do at home today!

  • Safe journey, PAT - and anyone else who has to travel. There are floods and fallen trees around our region - Local Council making good use of Facebook for alerts and updates.
  • Thank you for your good wishes. I am now safely home after a quite unpleasant journey in both directions. It seems to be getting worse now - and I have no intention of going out again until lunch time tomorrow! Glad I made it, though - people were prepared to 'cover' for me, but they were pleased they didn't need to!
  • Feeling a tad smug as we have sun rain and rainbows ..
    Seen lots of other scenarios on the news...
    Go safe if you feel you need to go out...
  • It's been really windy, and we've had drizzle alternating between driving rain -- we even had thunder & lightening once! Then it began to brighten as we ate lunch, and now it's trying for the sun to come out!

    Glad you got there & back in one piece, Pat!

    Wendy, you are lucky!

    We've been trying to get on with things - rehung some pictures which were taken down when the new furniture arrived, and put up a large canvas which I had made of one of our favourite photos of the sunset over the ocean, on our first cruise a few years ago. Then tackled the books again - I seem to have a dozen or so joke books about cats, which can go. We took down from our high shelf the cat books and some childcare books which are redundant, and my OH claimed the space for some of his paperback thrillers. Now settled on the sofa with some newspapers which need reading, and some old bank statements to go through!