• Thank you Karen for starting off this season's thread and the past links.
    Well done Mike, and thank you once again for making enquiries on our behalf. No doubt Ms Hickin will get to know you quite well over the season!
    What with the loss of the 'Osprey Centre' as a separate entity at Abernethy, and Rutland under the umbrella rather than the one place to go for all things osprey I wonder what's going on.

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  • I have only recently learned of the changes to the Rutland osprey website.

    It is very disappointing indeed to find that the last decade of Rutland Osprey data is no longer available. This was a site that osprey fans consulted on a daily basis.

    I am led to believe that it is quite hard to move data from the old site to the new one.

    There were many links to the old site and they are all broken too.

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  • In reply to Mike:

    Thanks Mike for “fighting the cause” & getting an explanation which, perhaps not currently giving us the solution we want, but, gives us hope that not all is lost :)
  • Thanks, Everyone, particularly Mike and anyone else who has contacted the Rutland people. My fingers are crossed but I must admit, I don't hold out a lot of hope for the outcome. When they announced they would have a new website, I presumed they were doing a makeover, not abandoning the previous one. If I'd known this would happen I would have spent hours or days (weeks?!) copying and pasting every page of the last decade-plus.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Ann. I was told last year that the LRWT were embarking on a new site because they had two. One for the Rutland Reserve and one for the Osprey Project. They simply wanted it all under one roof so to speak. Believe me I explained in some detail why the data on the Osprey site should not be lost or precluded from daily access by us followers. I have repeated that today and I can only hope that Harriett will try and find a way round the current proposals.

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  • Thank you for being pro-active on everyone's behalf, as so often, MIKE.


  • Of course this will not only have destroyed the blogs database it will have wrecked any site linked to it. That is an awful lot of links.

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  • Other Osprey projects ask for donations. Perhaps Rutland ought to do the same, in exchange for using the extra funds to increase the capacity of their website, add all of the now-missing information and permit free access to it.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Ann. The salient point here is that the site is no longer the Rutland Osprey Site. It is being swallowed up into the LRWT main site and will be simply a part of that. Any contributions will, no doubt,have to go to the wider organisation and how it gets spent is then a matter for them.
    I and many others on here will recall a battle, years ago, with RSPB on a similar issue re the LG Camera. The followers had one aim in mind the RSPB another when it came to the crunch. That was not a pretty spectacle and caused a major upset.

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  • Mike, thanks for all your help ie making enquiries, corresponding and updating us.

    What a nightmare!!   As Tiger correctly points out as well as us not being able to access the last era of Rutland Osprey facts, all our posts on the RSPB threads where we have included links are non accessible. And this will also be the case on Facebook, Twitter etc. - all links broken - just a complete breakdown!

    When I learned of the makeover I did expect cosmetic changes but assumed this move would be a merger of the individual websites thus all under the one LRWT platform with each having its own section for new data but retaining its previous content most likely archived but accessible via a link however we know now that this is not going to happen!! I cannot get my head around why, when planning this move, that historical data was not taken into account. This is really bad planning by their IT Consultants/Developers.

    Ms Hickin advises “they can still access” the historic blogs so I am wondering why the old site for the years 2007-2019 cannot be left read only thus requiring no management but accessible either directly and/or from a link on their new website.

    Fortunately we can still access the early years – Rutland Osprey Project 1999-2006. I have put this link on the opening post for easy access and should anyone wish any other useful links added, please let me know.