Ospreys in The Gambia

I was incredibly lucky to be part of the Osprey Leadership Foundation group to visit The Gambia and southern Senegal last week. We saw probably over 100 Ospreys altogether, as well as lots of other stunning birds. We visited Gunjur Quarry three times, but the Poole juvenile female 019 didn't appear for me, although she did for Chris Wood on the day we arrived (everyone but Chris was exhausted by the overnight journey and the heat of the day). It was fabulous to see where she has chosen to spend her first winter - it was Osprey heaven there! At one point in the morning, as they kept arriving with or without fish, Tim Mackrill was heard to say "Blimey, it's like Heathrow airport, we need air traffic control!".

Here is a link to my photo album of the Ospreys:

Gambia Ospreys