'FORUM FRIENDS, WILDLIFE-FROM-WHEREVER' (Off-season, all cams off at Loch Garten)

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    Gardenbirder said:
    I wonder if one of the birds in one video may have been a female or immature Evening Grosbeak

    I expect you mean this one, GB:

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you're right!  Looking at it in the cold light of day (except it's gone 2 o'clock in the morning ) ...  The yellow bill should have been a strong pointer, I can't think what swayed me to Pine

    There was a YouTuber who used to assist with and correct a lot of my Starr Ranch California IDs, he was amazing despite being based over the other side of the country in Connecticut, I think.  I've messaged him via a comment on one of his videos but the last time I did that, a few years ago, he ignored me.

    Thank you very much for taking an interest (((GB)))

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    Manton Bay

    Who were they in such a hurry to get away from?