'FORUM FRIENDS, WILDLIFE-FROM-WHEREVER' (Off-season, all cams off at Loch Garten)

OK I'll start this off. Czech Republic jays and a red squirrel.


  • Hi Korky, just to let you know I'm still trying to keep up with you!

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Well that's good Mike. I'd hate to be talking to myself on this new thread
  • In reply to Korky:

    Thanks for setting this up Korky. Ian
  • I'm afraid you've got the wrong country. This is from the Makov wildlife rescue centre in the Czech Rupublic.

    I don't understand why you've posted it in the Loch Garten group. Surely, Wlildlife on the web would be a more appropriate place along with the other webcams on Peregrines, Owls etc



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks TeeJay. Corrected. I got the location and link from Jess's recent blog.
    The frequent posters on the LG Off-season ops thread have been talking for a while about what webcam(s) we might look at in the absence of the Loch Garten one while they refurb the centre. We all follow various other cams (and blog on them on associated threads). In our 'discussions', quite a few other suggestions came up - Ohio, Cornell Lab (lots of links - hummingbirds, Panama Fruit feeders). I'm not aware that commentary on these cams come up in any other threads. Of course it's about birds/wildlife, but it's more a way of us keeping in touch and enjoying the banter. At least that's my view.

  • The Makov webcam is one of a number that Scott (don't know his surname) in Akron Ohio has linked to watch bird feeding stations. Here's a link to the current sites..

    Bird Watching HQ

    You will notice that the chat on the Makov site is in English rather than Czech on the link you gave.

    As you say, Cornell Labs have several sites which are also very good.



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  • Well done Korky, will participate with snapshots when I can but will mostly pop in and out with comments.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • On the Osprey Sightings thread, Alan Petrie has posted several captures of an Osprey at the Urdaibai Bird Centre in the Basque country in Spain over the last couple of months (see his captures from the 6th, 8th, 27th and 28th of Nov. and the 4th 13th and 14th Dec 2019). Don't know if the Osprey is still in that area, but you might like to have a look during the day. The rotating webcam is live from 7.30 to 22.00 (UTC + 2) daily:

    Kind regards, Ann

  • That a good suggestion Ann, thanks for the link!


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  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    I did see an osprey sitting on a post in the middle of the water when I checked in! Thanks for the link!

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