Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 November 2019

  • OG - sorry you are all unwell. I do hope everything clears up quickly. Never pleasant when these things go on for some time ... hope you are all well enough to enjoy the shepherd's pie and pork meatloaf, both of which sound delicious.

    Have a good week, everyone. Another manic one for me, but at least it includes another visit to see my lovely great-nephew, with fun and games for all of us. That takes priority - which probably means some late nights and/or early mornings! Hey ho ...
  • Oh, OG. You're all having a rotten time of it. Hope you all improve tomorrow.

  • OG: I'm so sorry that you all are still so sick. I hope that good food from the new oven will help you all regain your health and strength. Until then, get all the rest that you can. 

    ForestBoar: Sending healing energy to you. 

    Lindy: Lovely autumn photos!

    AQ: Dang, I hope you stay safe. That fire coverage that I'm following is truly disturbing and mind-blowing.

  • Annette and Anyone Interested: The transit tomorrow will be the last time that Mercury transits the sun until 2032. A couple of sites are going to live stream the event online. THIS ARTICLE gives info, times, and the website links where you can watch it. Annette, it will begin very early for you. Scroll about halfway down for times in your time zone.

  • Diane: Thanks for the links.  Can you believe that I only just realized that UTC is the same as plain old Greenwich Mean Time!   Anyway, 7:20 am works for me, I'll be on my second cup of coffee.

    OG; Oh dear sounds like you're all a bit wrung  out.  That shepherd's pie should help.  

    PatO Enjoy your great-nephew!

  • Morning all and Thanks Diane re my back - it is a lot easier but a friend said they symptoms sounded like kidney stones - I do hope not. If it happens again I will go to doc.

    Diane your temperatures are very low - Ive already started using a hot water bottle - goodness knows how you stay warm. AQ hope the fires get under control soon.

    Good wishes to all with health issues and a dryer week for all in the North

  • Good Morning. Dry here, but more damp to come, today.

    Thinking of OG and hoping that all of them feel lots better today.

    My OH is going to see the clinic nurse and have his stitches removed, today. He's looking forward to it as he reckons they've been adding to the discomfort he's been having with his leg.

  • Good morning from here!

    OG - I'm sorry that you folk are still unwell but the pie and the meatloaf will be helping, I'm sure!
    Good that the new oven is fixed in and operational. I didn't replace my Neff, it had lots of fancy features but I couldn't get it hot enough for scones and yorkshire puddings and similar. I was perhaps unlucky. It cost ££££ but when we had the new kitchen installed I replaced it with a Bosch which does get a lot hotter although the quality of the racks etc is not as good as the Neff. As I say, perhaps I was unlucky with the model I chose. Before the Neff we had a Gaggenau which was fantastic, the Yorkies used to hit the roof of the oven, almost. But it died after giving many years of good service. I inherited it when I moved here.

    LINDY - perhaps the sutures are pulling somewhat, as they heal? In any event, I hope that OH will be more comfortable.

    HARELADY - Good that your back is better. I meant to reply to your post when you spoke about it, but I am somewhat preoccupied trying to get organised for the Danish friends who arrive on Wednesday.

    Speaking of which, I must get on with deep cleaning of rooms. I worry far too much, the family keep telling me!!

    I'll read back later when it is dark and I have an excuse for stopping housework!
  • Seeing duty doc before lunch - can't even swallow water this morning - don't want to damage my kidneys! OH just helped J remove his dressings and steri-strips - says it looks okay but bruised. OH himself seems much better, and will go to M&S this afternoon to start replenishing the freezer with usual stand-by meals.
  • OG - do hope that the Doc can help. You must drink, as you say. At least EE is improving and will be able to cope.

    Heather - I can't imagine that your home is ever dirty enough to need a thorough overhaul. Try not to tire yourself striving for perfection. Enjoy your friends visit when they get there.

    My OH ran through a hailstorm in the docs car park, to get to his appointment with the nurse. She said that the stitches would have been better out the previous Friday! as its healing over now, but of course when he made the appointment, he was trying to follow instructions to have them out ten days after the procedure. This would have taken it to last weekend, and our clinic/surgery no longer opens its doors on a Saturday <sigh>

    He says it now feels a bit more comfortable, but I notice he is still limping.

    We went on to another appointment which was to sort out our financial woes at present: this should now be finalised within the next few days, which will be a great relief as its been a real headache.

    Lots of hail and sleet today, with rain showers in between!