WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) Sunday, November 3, 2019

  • Annette - same here, really bad now on mental health funding. And yes, some of them are ex soldiers who've had little or no help since being invalidated out. It's a disgrace.

    Sorry to read how bad the fires are in Aus, AQ. Each time now seems to be worse than the last.

  • Hello all, not going to go back as can't concentrate for long. Op all over - they were very patient with me and I managed to get through it. Eye a little sore, only to be expected but hopefully will get better day by day. So hard though to remember not to do certain things which one takes for granted.

    Have a good weekend, all.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Lynette:  Glad that's done. You should be fine in a few days. Will look forward to hearing of what's different re colors, clarity, etc.

  • LYNETTE  - It’s done and things can only get brighter.

    OG – Yeay! New stove. I wonder if J’s confusion is result of his anaesthetic. I was confused after general anaesth for earlier knee arthroscopy – for 3 months I couldn’t do crosswords & didn’t remember which way to turn on taps. No prob with spinal thingie for later ops.

    ANNETTE – Fires in NSW (& QLD) very serious. 2 dead, 7 unaccounted for, 150 homes gone plus sheds, a school, livestock. They have not been able to access all areas to check. Temps lower today but Tues will be a bad day. They say the embers are lighting fires 6 to 12 kms ahead of fire front. That’s up to 7½ miles. I think of that far from my father’s farm and find it hard to imagine. Scary.

    On a happier note an osprey in QLD has been rescued, twice. If you can’t get this UpOver, let me know & I shall precis the report.

  • Glad it's all done, Lynette. Hope you soon feel the benefit.

    Good Morning, All. Dry here, but rain expected.

    AQ, it's tragic to see the awful fires. I do hope they soon cease. Lovely story of the osprey (it worked alright)

  • LYNETTE - Good that is all over, I'm sure that you will be pleased with the result!
    OG - I would imagine that there could be difficulty swallowing after a thyroidectomy. Given J's anxiety he must feel panicky about that? I wonder if he would manage sips of a good homemade soup ( although, somewhere in the back of my brain I seem to remember that he is not a soup lover?)
    Back later, morning phone calls from various offspring have started to come in!
  • Back again!
    PAT- I seem to have developed a sweet tooth lately and munched my way through a bag of stollen bites last week! Lovely....
    AQ - I imagine that all the sausage rolls were eaten! I've been hearing about the bush fires. It seems as if the fire fighters couldn't get near some of the houses because of the intense heat? And some folk still missing. Awful.
    ANNETTE- I don't remember flooding like this except years ago on the east coast and the Lynton/Lynmouth floods,when I was quite young.

    It is chilly here this morning. A hard frost but warming up a bit now. My Viking visitors have got winter tyres on their car and will bring warm clothes or buy some here (cheaper). No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes :-)
  • LYNNETTE - glad that op is over - sorry the eye is sore - don't be tempted to rub it, and do use all the drops per instructions!

    AQ - interesting account of Olive the Osprey - but sad about the remainder of her family. J wasn't badly confused first two days - it has worsened with fever from the gastro-enteritis.

    HEATHER - he was doing well with his first meal in hospital - but was annoyed that the pudding disappeared off his table when one of the blood attempts was happening! Also he ate various meals when we were still in Manchester on Tuesday. We did try soups - he ate a little on Thursday and Friday. Couldn't do homemade due to restricted stores of ingredients having had the freezer problem and then being away, (but as you say he doesn't like them anyway).

    However, J did eat two shredded wheat this morning, is looking and sounding much better and I don't think he has been sick today, so all meds must be going the right way! Weather is cool and breezy and OH (having finished installing the oven last evening) has gone to Tesco for some fresh food - looking forward to that after a week of rubbish!
  • (later) J ate a light lunch; is much better, but now having a little rest on his bed. Much more alert, and was asking for clarification of things which were mentioned in the last few days.
  • That is such good news, OG !