WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy New Week all - our clocks go back tonight (at least here in California).

  • Thanks, Annette. I hope your air isn't too awful to breathe.

    OG: I will be thinking of you and your family. 

    Have a good week all. 

  • Diane:  Air is better today thank you.   How's the weather at your end of the country?   We had a hawk drinking from our fountain for about 5 minutes yesterday. It was being hassled by two very unhappy crows but was basically unfazed by them..  I was on my way out the patio door to the garage, stopped in my tracks but had a bunch of stuff in my left hand so wasn't able to get a good photo.  :-(  

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Cold here. Forecasters are warning us to expect a much colder than normal November. Sigh... Wonderful that you saw the hawk. Is that a Cooper's Hawk, or am I remembering incorrectly? Sorry you couldn't get a photo. The crows know better than to hassle R.T. Hawk on my patch. He will eat them. He likes to eat crows and snakes. My area ended up getting a lot of ice accumulation on Halloween, and all of the birds have been fussing about the turn in the weather. Glad your air is better, Annette.

    Hi to everyone. 

  • Good Morning. Thanks to Annette for starting us off again.

    Cold here this morning. We're going to treat ourselves to lunch out, then tidy up and pack up, ready to leave for home tomorrow. Very quiet here on our caravan park: a few souls here when we arrived, but some have gone home already. Things definitely winding down.

    Thinking of OG and family. Safe journey.

  • Gosh. No one on here all day.

    We enjoyed our walk in a slot of sunshine between the dark clouds this morning, then went for our carvery lunch where I had a turkey dinner. Walked around the Christmas decs and bought one of those pretty tiny twinkley light strands. My OH has been brave about the wound on his leg - it pulls when he uses the muscles which of course is when he sits down, but he's not a moaner and is hopeful that it'll settle down soon.

  • Our view of the sea this morning.

  • Sorry, LINDY, I looked in earlier ( and thank you, ANNETTE!) but nothing new to post about...
    However, now I can say that it has been raining on an off and that eldest daughter collected me and we did some shopping. As per family tradition she bought me a couple of new decs for the Christmas tree. I went and dropped one on the kitchen floor. It was the glass bauble. I'm very annoyed with my stupid hands.
  • Severe case of brain fog here. :-)
  • Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip, Heather. I seem to break an ornament every time I dress our tree, as its on the hard tiles. I get upset as I love all of them.

    Raining again here, now. Someone has just arrived here next door, in the dark. I expect they will have also come to close down for the year, although one or two do come in the winter.

  • Tried to post a pic but it won't, once again.