WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) Sunday, November 3, 2019

  • Morning all:

    AQ;  I was looking at video and news coverage of the fires and all the problems reminded me of the Paradise fire up north last year.  7.5 miles is a very long way for embers to travel.   Will watch for Tuesday coverage.....   Has anyone pointed the finger at utility companies yet?  Some communities up north are planning a takeover of Pacific Gas & Electric, whose equipment caused the Paradise fire and has since declared bankruptcy, and are hoping to turn it into a publicly owned utility, but I'm not sure how that would work out.  Meanwhile, one of the interesting side effects of the "preventive" cutoffs the utilities up there and in our area are implementing is the fact that cell phone service disappears.  Hope Olive the Osprey will be able to make the break soon.  :-)

    OG: More good news re J and a working oven!   I too would be annoyed if pudding disappeared.

    Heather: Good luck with the Vikings; interesting that clothes are cheaper at your end of the trip.

    Hallo to everyone else.